Episode 22:

Jami Oetting is the editor of Hubspot’s Agency Post, which is a blog for advertising and marketing agency professionals. She led the launch of the publication in 2011 and its growth before Hubspot acquired it in 2013. Hubspot works with about 2,500 agency partners and about 15,000 customers worldwide. Now, Jami’s blog is one of the largest blogs for agency professionals. It offers incredible content to help agency leaders grow their business.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How agencies can and should be getting clients now that we’re not bound by geography
  • Why getting business through referrals is still viable — but why the source of those referrals is changing
  • Why buyers have as much if not more information than sellers and what that means for your agency
  • Using inbound marketing to attract the right kind of clients (and turn away the wrong ones)
  • Why you need to stick with inbound marketing content creation
  • Why you absolutely must specialize on a niche if you want to survive
  • Why you will struggle to attract great employees if you don’t have a strong new business plan
  • Why you need someone on your team who is responsible for marketing your agency
  • How to come up with content for your blog
  • Why interviews are a great way to create content
  • What agency owners can do right now to get the ideas from this podcast into place


The Golden Nugget:

“People who have a library of content get a lot more leads and traffic.” – @jamioetting Click To Tweet

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