Episode 204:

Lawyers, financial planners and insurance salespeople. You joke about avoiding them at cocktail parties, but they are definitely not who you should avoid as agency owners. Many owners think of attorneys as an expense. I can tell you – the preventative investment you make with a lawyer to get a good contract and other tools is a pittance compared to what I have seen agencies lose when they don’t have those good tools.

If you are a high-risk gambler – grab a contract off the internet and use that.

That’s why I invited Jamie Lieberman, founder of Hashtag Legal LLC, to be my guest on this episode of Build a Better Agency. She has over 15 years of legal experience and specializes in helping agency owners protect themselves before they get into hot water.

Jamie brings extensive experience in contract creation and negotiation IP issues agencies face, web and mobile app terms and conditions, and influencer marketing legalities.
Settle in – she’s ready to give you a free hour of legal counsel!

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Why you need to find the right attorney for your agency
  • The absolute necessity of drawing up the right contracts for your agency and some characteristics of the ideal contract
  • How agencies can (and should) protect themselves from potentially hazardous legal situations caused by clients
  • The ins and outs of independent contractors and how to avoid legal headaches and fines
  • Navigating non-compete and non-solicitation agreements for employees and contractors
  • The importance of confidentiality agreements and defining what constitutes confidential information
  • Claiming domain names while avoiding copyright or trademark infringement
  • Why agencies owners should stay abreast of popular trends in the industry, especially in areas such as influencer marketing
“You have to have a contract that sort of lives and breathes with your business. It needs to be changeable. It needs to be audited once a year. It needs to be something that can change as your business changes.”- Jamie Lieberman Click To Tweet “You as an agency are only as good as the information your client gives you, so you have to protect yourself.” - Jamie Lieberman Click To Tweet “Just because you have an independent contractor agreement with somebody does NOT mean they are an independent contractor.” - Jamie Lieberman Click To Tweet “You need to define what confidential information is; it’s different for every business. For an agency, that’s your client list. Those are your processes. Those are your strategies.”- Jamie Lieberman Click To Tweet “I personally say that you should feel comfortable having a drink of your choice - coffee, or I like wine - with your lawyer, and you should feel cool about it.” - Jamie Lieberman Click To Tweet

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