Episode 222:

One of the challenges of agency life is that typically everything we sell is a custom job. It’s tough to build in efficiencies or systemize our production when we never make the same deliverable twice. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Back in Episode 100, we discussed the idea of structuring your agency as a wonder bread factory vs. an artisanal bakery and there are different pros and cons for each.

WebsiteByTonight’s Jared Gold successfully transformed his agency from an artisanal bakery into a wonder bread factory for web development. And in this episode of Build A Better Agency, Jared joins us to share the lessons he learned throughout the process so you can apply them in your own agency.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Jared’s journey from artisanal bakery to wonder bread factory with WebsiteByTonight
  • The benefits and drawbacks of productizing your agency’s service line
  • The lessons and insights Jared learned while switching from custom to standardized
  • How to determine what parts of your agency can actually be productized
  • Creating firm boundaries around your productized offerings so that you can always
    meet expectations
  • How Jared’s target audience changed when he introduced the productized service line
    with WebsiteByTonight

The Golden Nugget:

“A lot of agency owners want to be artisanal bakers, but there is a lot more cost in doing custom work than in cranking out the Wonder Bread.” Jared Gold Click To Tweet “Clients are more concerned with budget and timeframe than the level of customization.” Jared Gold Click To Tweet “A productized offering automates the sales process and makes selling much easier.” Jared Gold Click To Tweet “Agency owners love problem-solving; productizing is just another form of problem-solving.” Jared Gold Click To Tweet “One of the biggest complaints from agency owners is that they can’t get out of the day-to-day because what they are selling is so sophisticated.” Jared Gold Click To Tweet

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