Episode 9:

Jay Friedman is a nationally recognized and accomplished digital media expert, speaker, and author. You will often find him speaking at conferences, writing for lead publications, websites, and books. He recently authored the incredibly well written, information packed 7th edition of “Thirty Days to PAID Digital Media Expertise.” He is, without question, a well-versed expert on digital media and programmatic buying.

In 2006, Jay joined Goodway Group to launch the digital division. Now in 2015, Goodway has more than 200 clients across the country.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Programmatic buying: what is it?
  • Why programmatic buying is much more effective than traditional ad buying models
  • How to know whether to bring programmatic buying in-house or work with a partner and rules for both options
  • Jay’s action plan for jumping into programmatic
  • Why programmatic partners have to continually educate their agencies
  • The qualities that the agencies that do programmatic well all have in common
  • How agencies can succeed by adapting the Airbnb and the Uber model
  • What agencies need to do to be good partners to their programmatic partners


The Golden Nugget:

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