Episode 216:

There are very few agencies today who aren’t trying to solve the content challenge. The content creation process is complicated and it’s often difficult to demonstrate the ROI to clients so they will pay you what it takes to actually create something worthwhile. Clients want high performing content but aren’t excited about paying for it. And it can be tough for us to document and demonstrate what’s working and what isn’t.

At this summer’s MAICON (Marketing AI conference) conference, I met Jeff Coyle, the co-Founder and Chief Product Officer for MarketMuse. Jeff and his team are doing incredible work with AI to help agencies and brands better understand how content is performing, what content is missing and how to fill those gaps in a way that is SEO and visitor friendly.

Technology and traditional content production methods are merging, and that’s creating a whole new level of measurability, predictability and performance metrics that can justify the spend. What would take us hours to number crunch and calculate can take tools like MarketMuse mere seconds.

Join me as I explore the possibilities with subject matter expert Jeff Coyle.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The evolution of content marketing
  • How Jeff Coyle is bringing AI and traditional content production methods together
  • New tools and insights that agency owners can leverage to create more impactful content
  • Creating content that has direct conversions
  • Why you should be updating your content

The Golden Nugget:

“For my agency and my clients, what should I be focusing on to ensure that the content I publish has the greatest impact?” @jeffrey_coyle Click To Tweet “The biggest miss for most agencies is the idea that all boats rise when you have successful content, regardless of direct conversion.” @jeffrey_coyle Click To Tweet “There are repeatable content paths that can work in every industry, but they might not lead to conversions.” @jeffrey_coyle Click To Tweet “Validation of the content brief and the end-content item will lead to a more successful and thoughtful workflow.” @jeffrey_coyle Click To Tweet “The four main reasons to update your content are: it is out-of-date; inaccurate; the world has changed, or the concept has changed.” @jeffrey_coyle Click To Tweet

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