Episode 63:

A leader of such national accounts as Home Shopping Network, The Disney Channel, CitiFinancial, and Papa John’s Pizza as the founder and sole principal of $110 million Atlanta-based Fricks/Firestone agency, John Fricks is focused on the same kind of growth at AntonWest. In the seven year transition from Fricks/Firestone in Atlanta to AntonWest in Jacksonville, he consulted with CEOs of major corporations and agency owners all over the country.

John Fricks believes the key to problem solving is listening to clients describe their challenges so the agency can creatively advance a solution through its full arsenal of resources digital, broadcast, print, and public relations. He will tell you that the proximity to navigable water was not part of the lure to Jacksonville, but you are sure to find him relaxing by a dock when not behind his desk.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How John managed to get huge accounts at his small agency (Fricks/Firestone)
  • How to appeal to a CEO’s insecurities
  • What John does at his new agency AntonWest
  • Why agencies need to get involved in all areas of their client’s business, not just the advertising
  • Staying up to date on new technology and ideas
  • Having great relationships with vendors that make them feel part of the business
  • How to recruit and retain top talent
  • What a culture must have to be truly collaborative
  • How to position your agency in the marketplace
  • How account people can gain the trust of their creatives
  • Why it’s important to allow your employees to fail (when trying)
  • What agency CEOs need to be focusing on today


The Golden Nugget:

“The key to growing accounts is stepping outside your comfort zone.” – John Fricks Click To Tweet


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