Episode 92:

John Heenan is a former Chief Marketing Officer / New Business Leader at a variety of small and mid-size agencies responsible for business development and agency marketing. Before that, he worked on the client side managing advertising and agencies for big global brands like Sony, Phillips, and Uniden.

He has created and managed successful business development programs for small, medium, and large agencies generating millions of dollars in agency revenue. He has managed multi-million dollar ad budgets as a client, hired talent, built competitive advantage, and inspired great outcomes in support of business objectives.

John has also worked with some of the top innovative brands and aggressive advertising agencies in the world in both traditional and digital channels. Having been on both sides of the client-agency relationship, he has a unique understanding of what clients want and what agencies deliver. Today he is putting that experience to work for a small group of agencies who struggle to grow.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The experiences John had on the client side that led him to working on matching up agencies and clients
  • Why cohesive culture throughout the agency matters for clients
  • Why you must treat your agency as your #1 client
  • Crafting the first impression that leads will have of your agency
  • The importance of getting crystal clear on what your agency is selling
  • Director of Delivery: an important role inside modern agencies to make sure agencies deliver to clients
  • Why agency owners need to get out of the day-to-day and focus on new business
  • What John does differently to help agencies with new business
  • Why your agency needs to be rapidly changing


The Golden Nugget:

“Small to mid-size agencies can only -- and should only -- take on a few new clients every year.” – @jheenan Click To Tweet


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