Episode 47:

John Warrillow is the author of books “Built to Sell” and “The Automatic Customer” and founder of The Value Builder System™ where advisors help company owners increase the value of their business. Previously, he founded Warrillow & Co., a subscription-based research business dedicated to helping Fortune 500 companies market to small business owners. A sought-after speaker and popular Inc.com columnist, John lives in Toronto.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • John’s book “Built to Sell”
  • The very easy path for agencies to follow that make it extremely hard to sell
  • What services look like that make an agency sellable
  • Why you can’t confuse the doing with owning a business
  • When is it time to say no to business?
  • What to do after you sell your agency
  • Things to avoid when exiting your agency
  • Services agencies can offer on a subscription model
  • Standardizing a process and giving that process or product a specific name
  • Why you shouldn’t surround yourself with journeymen agency employees
  • How to assess how sellable your agency is and what can be done to make your agency more sellable


The Golden Nugget:

“Name it. Claim it. That’s when you get that point of differentiation.” – @JohnWarrillow Click To Tweet


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