Episode 162:

Often on this podcast, I share a wide-ranging conversation with my guest and we bounce around a little bit, even though we are focused on an overall theme. This episode is a little bit different. We going to deep-dive into just one subject: geofencing.

For some in our business who aren’t digital natives, reaching an audience through new technologies like geofencing may seem complicated. When I started the business while still in college, it was all about print, radio, and TV. Now, I can’t turn around without bumping into a new delivery channel or technology, like geofencing.

On episode #162 of the Build a Better Agency podcast, my guest is Justin Croxton. He is the director of sales at Propellant Media, where they serve clients with location-specific methods like geofencing. Their clients are mostly SMBs in both B2B and B2C categories. IN our conversation, Justin compares getting fluent with geofencing as similar to becoming proficient in AdWords.

Justin didn’t start his career in the agency business, but about three or four years ago, partnered with some colleagues to form Propellant, where the main product is inbound and technology-driven solutions for clients.



What You Will Learn About in This Episode:

  • The difference between beacon notification and geofencing notifications
  • How to build conversion zones using geofencing
  • Getting over the “minimum spend” hurdle in geofence ad buying
  • Why you should consider coupling geofencing with search retargeting
  • How to create the right digital marketing mix with geofencing as a key ingredient
  • How to target the right people within a geofence with your marketing message
  • Ways you can keep up the messaging (or not) once someone leaves a geofenced zone
  • The digital mechanics of how geofencing interacts with apps and sites on your phone
  • How geofencing works in the B2B space
  • Why it’s not complicated for agencies to enter the geofencing space

The Golden Nuggets:

“You may have data on conversions; you may have an understanding of the click conversions that happen online. But the other story to be told is of the folks that actually see your ads and then come back to your store.” – @JQCroxton Click To Tweet “Geofencing is a form of advertising that falls underneath the larger umbrella of programmatic display advertising.” – @JQCroxton Click To Tweet “We started our business because small and midsize companies did not have access to these high-end, high-level marketing platforms like geofencing and programmatic display.” – @JQCroxton Click To Tweet “Targeted messages with video perform better across geofencing programs. But we advise having a mix of static and video from both a cost and performance perspective.” – @JQCroxton Click To Tweet


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