Episode 168:

On this episode, we delve into the unconscious mind and the concept of “limiting beliefs.” It’s the idea that our unconscious mind can hold us back without us even realizing it. So, how do we stop something we’re not even conscious of? The good news is that it is possible, and while it does take hard work, the steps themselves are pretty simple.

This limiting beliefs stuff may sound a little new-agey. I’m a big fan of data and looking at the facts at hand. For me, turning those limiting beliefs to unlimiting beliefs is fascinating because of the science behind it. This isn’t some magic act.

My guest on episode #168 is Karen Brown, author of Unlimiting Your Beliefs. Karen is a mentor and coach who works with people to uncover what might be impeding their progress in work and life. Often, our unconscious thoughts and actions are the source of this impediment.

One of the most interesting turns in the conversation for me was when Karen talked about her experience preparing to be an Ironman Triathlete. Her limiting belief had told her for 28 years that she shouldn’t even be thinking about this. She was not a good swimmer. That was a big hurdle. It was limiting. So, she unlimited her belief, telling herself out loud, “I am a good swimmer.” I asked if she suddenly became a good swimmer. As you might imagine, it took more than that. But giving herself that unlimiting belief propelled her to action. She got a swimming coach. She practiced. And soon enough, she was a good swimmer.

Our conversation is a fascinating look at the unconscious (or subconscious) mind and how it works. Listen to learn more about how to uncover the unconscious limits we put on ourselves and what to do to break that pattern.

Karen Brown is CEO of Velocity Leadership Consulting, a Denver-based business psychology executive and coaching company. With more than 20,000 business coaching hours under her belt, she founded Velocity Leadership Consulting in 2012, after finding her own divine potential while training for and finishing the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.



What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The science behind limiting beliefs and how to retrain your brain
  • How to make unlimiting beliefs natural and habitual
  • Asking the right questions to uncover the limiting beliefs of your unconscious mind
  • Why writing out your limiting beliefs is so important, and why speaking the opposite out loud is just as important
  • How the skills used in unlimiting your beliefs in one area will have a broad positive impact personally and professionally
  • How to counteract the most common and pernicious limiting belief: I’m not good enough
  • Why our unconscious beliefs and our conscious goals are sometimes at cross-purposes, and what to do about it
  • How, like most things, you’ve got to use it to lose your ability and reshape limiting beliefs
  • One way to get yourself into the unlimiting mindset: name and write down just one of your achievements

The Golden Nuggets:

“It’s very simple and powerful when you tell your unconscious mind what you want. Then its job is to go out and get it.” – @ReadKarenBrown Click To Tweet “An unlimiting belief doesn’t have to be true in the moment. When I first started telling myself ‘I am a great swimmer,’ I was not. Repeating an unlimiting belief will guide you toward the actions that will make it true.” – @ReadKarenBrown Click To Tweet “We've got to tell the unconscious mind what we want. So, every single time a limiting belief comes into your mind, you’ve got to verbalize the opposite. Out loud. You are retraining your brain to unlimit instead of limit.” – @ReadKarenBrown Click To Tweet “As you identify limiting beliefs and counter them, you can develop the habit of unlimiting belief. You can switch it so much more quickly because now, you have a structure as you establish new patterns.” – @ReadKarenBrown Click To Tweet

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