Episode 116:

Lindsay Grinstead & Bill Boris-Schacter have lived and breathed the experiential marketing space collectively for over 50 years. They started Tonic Consulting Group to take that experience and help other live event agencies, and their partners, grow both their top and bottom line. Through their combined experience, they bring an operations and sales expertise to their clients.

Lindsay has worn a sales & marketing hat for her clients and her agency throughout her career. In her 15 years at Jack Morton Worldwide, she grew small accounts into huge ones and created a few award-winning programs along the way. Lindsay understands the challenges in finding and winning new business and how to organically grow business. She expertly navigated Fortune 500 companies, maximizing opportunities for revenue growth.

Every client calls Tonic looking to “grow”. Lindsay & Bill help their clients identify what is hampering their growth, develop a roadmap to success and then roll up their sleeves & help implement the recommended changes.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Treating your employees as your first audience
  • The importance of continually refining your agency’s message
  • Why your agency must specialize
  • Why agencies struggle seeing themselves (and their problems) clearly
  • What happens to your agency if you take an opportunity that doesn’t fit your niche
  • Using working documents to continually hone your agency’s message and why you need to have your team define your agency in their own words
  • Why your clients need to have relationships with more than just one person inside your agency
  • The dangers of keeping around employees that aren’t pulling their weight (even if they’ve been incredibly loyal to your agency for a long time)
  • Why social media may not be the best place to get on your prospects’ radar screens
  • Increasing the amount of work you do for clients who already love you
  • Learning how to build your budgets and staff accordingly with the AOR relationships on the decline

The Golden Nugget:

“Continually reinforce your message to your employees so they get great at communicating it to people they meet.” - Lindsay Grinstead Click To Tweet


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