Episode 69:

Mark Duval is the founder of The Duval Partnership, helping agencies win new business through a variety of strategic services including prospecting and lead generation, sales training, and agency auditing and diagnostics. Mark formerly headed business development efforts for Univision & CBS. He brings over 25 years of client direct sales experience to his work.

The Duval Partnership’s average client tenure easily doubles their competitors. They are the only firm in their space that offers sales training & coaching, and they are also the only firm in their space that employs strategists.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Mark’s background and how he got into the business of helping agencies
  • Why you need a written new business plan
  • Why you need to work on your differentiation
  • Finding the right number of clients (and finding the right amount to bill them)
  • The danger of sounding desperate to clients
  • The importance of attitude and behavior
  • Questions any agency should ask their prospects
  • Why you need to serve up who you are and what you do on your website
  • Understanding what your prospects consume and figuring out how to position yourself as a thought leader in those spaces
  • Making introductions between prospects and the people you know that they need to know
  • Why you should set up Google alerts on prospects you really want to work with
  • Figuring out how to start your new business process program
  • Why you need salespeople to manage sales people


The Golden Nugget:

“Your last piece of business is going to get you your next piece of business.” – Mark Duval Click To Tweet


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