Episode 102:

Mark Winters’ passion is helping entrepreneurs get unstuck so they can pursue their freedom. Depending on the unique situation, Mark’s talent for introducing just the right combination of perspective and process sparks teams to start moving, move faster, or begin moving in the proper direction – with clarity. As a teacher, coach, and facilitator, Mark spends most of his time directly engaged with entrepreneurial leadership teams as a Certified EOS Implementer—helping them implement EOS in their own companies. He’s delivered over 400 full-day EOS workshops with companies from around the U.S.

Mark has been an entrepreneur since the age of 28, after catching the “bug” during B-school at the University of Chicago. At last count, he’s started/bought/sold/shut down 11 different companies. One recent venture, as a Founder and CEO, had a very successful exit – yielding a 100x cash return in less than 3 yrs. All this activity has led to some recognition, including being named a Tech Titan finalist as an emerging company CEO, and listed as “40 Under Forty” by the Business Journal in both Milwaukee and Dallas. Mark is a “Freedom Forum” member as an EOS Implementer. He was also awarded Rookie of the Year and Chair Excellence distinctions by Vistage International.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The “visionary” and the “integrator” from “Rocket Fuel” by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters
  • How visionaries and integrators can build trust so that integrators can take control of what visionaries create
  • What business owners need to do when they are an integrator and they need a visionary (most owners are visionaries)
  • If you are a visionary, how to determine if you have an integrator on your team and what to do if you don’t
  • The seven-step visionary integrator connection process for finding the right integrator
  • How to know if you’re going to be able to sell your agency to your integrator or not (and what your exit plan can look like in both scenarios)
  • Things that make visionary-integrator relationships fall apart
  • The five rules and five tools for visionaries and integrators
  • Assessing whether you need an integrator
  • Why you need to read “Rocket Fuel”
  • The Rocket Fuel Maximizer for getting more out of this topic


The Golden Nugget:

“The integrator is the scarce commodity. Find a great integrator and treat them well.” – @MarkCWinters Click To Tweet


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