Episode 141:

I hang out with agency owners every day and 95% of them resist proactive business development for as long as they can. Until that big client starts to give “I want to break up” signs, they are happy to rely on referrals and anyone who crosses the threshold as a substitute for a true biz dev program.

Most owners will tell me that they either hate sales or they’re terrible at them. But the reality is – you are all brilliant sales people because you are not a sales person. You are uniquely skilled at having business conversations at a level that no average salesperson can have.

The other excuse some owners will offer is that they are introverts, which means they can’t be good at sales. Again, I disagree. The key to good sales is asking better questions and listening with more intentionality and no one is better at that then someone who is more introverted.

All of this is why I invited Matthew Pollard to be on the show. He’s here to share insights from his work and from his forthcoming book, The Introvert’s Edge. He’s got some really great things to share to get us out of our reluctance about selling and networking.

Can narrowing our niche help us sell better? Matthew thinks so. Should we get beyond describing our work as a functional skill – the same skill everyone in the marketplace has? Matthew knows getting beyond functional skill is a crucial step.

Matthew is the Rapid Growth Guy. He’s dedicated to helping small business owners succeed by giving them methods that helped them transform their business from struggling into profitable success stories. He is the founder and executive director of the Small Business Festival, ranked among the top five conferences in the nation by Inc. magazine. He is in the international sales blogger awards hall of fame and has been featured in Entrepreneur, CEO magazine, Fortune, you name it.

But what we care about is that he’s going to help us be smarter about selling.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to craft a unified message about why people should work with you
  • The difference between your functional skills and the reason people actually work with you
  • The three-step process to rapid growth
  • Why you don’t have to be an extrovert to be excellent at sales
  • Plenty of life hacks for your next networking event
  • How to stand out when your services have been commoditized
  • Why bending yourself to perceived market “needs” will leave you tired and frustrated
  • How niching narrows your market in all the right ways
  • The folly of sharing a bland message in a crowded market – and what to do instead
  • Why a small niche you are excited about is better than a giant market you don’t care about

The Golden Nuggets:

“You’ve got to realize that if you're a business owner and you’re not ‘in sales’ you’re really just counting down the days until your business shuts down.” - @MatthewPollard_ Click To Tweet “Don't go to a networking event with a friend. Go by yourself and talk to three specific people. When you’ve done that, you'll find that your momentum has increased.” - @MatthewPollard_ Click To Tweet “How do you compete in a crowded market? The first step is to avoid the battle altogether.” [email protected]_ Click To Tweet “You have to know what you’re passionate about and why you got into doing what you do. You need to tap back into what you're excited about, why you do what you do.” - @MatthewPollard_ Click To Tweet “If you define yourself by a functional skill, you are a commodity.” - @MatthewPollard_ Click To Tweet “When you've created a message that you're so excited about that you're willing to tell everybody in the world, now all of a sudden some markets are not as interesting as others to you.” - @MatthewPollard_ Click To Tweet “Focus your attention on making sure you speak the exact message that excites you. Sharing a bland message in a highly competitive market right gets you exactly nowhere.” - @MatthewPollard_ Click To Tweet “If you discover a niche that you only had one or two clients in, don't be fearful of that. Be excited that you are starting with two clients!” - @MatthewPollard_ Click To Tweet


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