Episode 254:

We all have experienced the membership economy. Disney+, Dollar Shave Club, and a wide variety of meal prep kits delivered to your door. But, does it work in the B2B or service delivery worlds? When we talk about the membership economy, we are talking about something much deeper than the transactional value of memberships and subscriptions we pay for each month. It’s about how we are treated and cared for by the businesses whose programs we join. As we think about how to strategically guide our clients – this is a concept we need to understand.

Robbie Baxter is an author and one of the foremost experts on the membership economy. She has written two books including The Forever Transaction and her earlier book, The Membership Economy. In this episode of Build a Better Agency, Robbie explains how the membership mentality benefits a business and its clients, and she walks us through some of the challenges as well.

Is it a viable option for your agency or some of your clients? I think the answer might just surprise you!

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Membership Economy | Looping your agency into the membership economy

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The framework of Robbie’s books and teachings
  • How the membership economy has changed the way we look at our business model
  • Why the subscription religion is taking over all industries
  • How the membership model translates in the B2B space
  • Why membership is still a viable option if you are an artisanal bakery
  • How to get your clients on board with a membership model if it makes sense for them
  • The common obstacles we may run into while trying to roll out a subscription service within a client’s organization

The Golden Nuggets:

“If you focus on the long-term well-being of your customers—if you optimize your offering and your organization around that—it completely transforms your business model.” @robbiebax Click To Tweet “Greater engagement, greater loyalty, and recurring revenue is the holy grail for all business owners. But it requires change across your entire organization.” @robbiebax Click To Tweet “From a technical perspective, it is easier than ever to adopt a subscription model. So, everybody is getting in the game.” @robbiebax Click To Tweet “Businesses are used to buying subscriptions. So, if you’re an agency and you’re thinking about moving to a subscription pricing model, it’s nothing new to your clients.” @robbiebax Click To Tweet “Nobody likes to be pitched on something that they don’t think is in their best interest. Everybody loves to be pitched on what they need.” @robbiebax Click To Tweet

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