Episode 188:

From staffing challenges to constant client demands, agency life can be bumpy. Our industry is in a state of constant change and that’s not going to let up anytime soon. For some owners, that’s exhilarating and challenging. For others, it just makes them bone tired.

Right now, most agencies are enjoying healthy profits, lots of new business opportunities, and a very difficult hiring season. Our employee base is changing and many owners struggle to find and retain talent that will help them grow and strengthen the agency. Clients are demanding more on tighter timelines and budgets.

How do we thrive in this ever-shifting environment?

In this episode, I talk with someone who has seen it all – Nancy Hill. She is a veteran of big box agencies, former president and CEO of the 4As, and, more recently, has started her own consultancy, Media Sherpas. This broad range of experiences has given her important insights into the current climate – the challenges and opportunities we face every day, especially when it comes to staffing and client relationships.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to think differently about your agency’s staffing challenges
  • How to get more creative with your benefits package so that you retain younger employees
  • How to establish mutually beneficial expectations with agency employees
  • Negotiating with clients about scope instead of lowering prices
  • Managing just-in-time staffing
  • Why independently owned agencies need to be nimble in their decision-making
  • How to boost your agency’s ability to say no
  • How to thrive in an environment of constant change
“We can’t compete on pay, and we’re going to lose younger workers if we don’t offer them something else they value.” – @nhhill Click To Tweet “It might sound shocking, but agency owners should consider encouraging their employees’ side hustle.” – @nhhill Click To Tweet “If you allow a client to dictate all the terms, that's how your relationship is going to be forever and ever.” – @nhhill Click To Tweet “This is the first generation of employees that have decided they are simply not going to adapt to us.” – @nhhill Click To Tweet “Having a model based on a fully staffed and loaded agency all the time doesn't work.” – @nhhill Click To Tweet

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