Episode 356:

For many of us, agency ownership means that most of our time and energy goes into our work. Even when trying to sleep, we’re replaying a frustrating conversation we had earlier that day, doomscrolling, or even dreaming about everything on our to-do lists. When we can’t turn off our minds at the end of a long day, we set ourselves up for occupational burnout.

As some of you know, I learned the hard way that staying overly connected to our work can have severe consequences. I brought Dr. Gerry Farris on the podcast today to talk about how we can take care of ourselves to feel better daily, stay mentally strong and healthy, and why taking breaks is so important. With many years as a physician and working with patients who have experienced occupational burnout, Dr. Farris is the perfect person to educate us on how to be smarter about living our overly-connected lives.

Dr. Gerry Farris has been an Emergency physician for 30 years and a Functional Medicine physician for 10 years. His current practice focuses on healthy living and age management and he is a former triathlete who competed for 31 years. His goal is to help patients and persons be healthy, mitigate disease and aging, and live well for a long time. He is a double Board Certified physician with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He is practicing the “Medicine of Tomorrow, Today!”

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Occupational Burnout

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How to know if you’re experiencing occupational burnout or heading in that direction
  • How information overload leads to hypervigilance and why it happens
  • The effects that elevated cortisol levels have on our brains and bodies
  • How to build resilience against neuroinflammation and bodily dysregulation
  • What does burnout recovery look like?
  • Why sleep is one of the most essential things for recovery and burnout prevention
  • What 37 minutes a day can do to improve your overall health
  • How to make healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick to

“I don't think we have quite adapted as a species to the amount of information overload that we're being exposed to.” Dr. Gerry Farris Click To Tweet “We have to understand that if we are going to live the lifestyle we're going to live, we want to live, and have to live in certain cases, that we have to now allocate time for ourselves for recovery.” Dr. Gerry Farris Click To Tweet “We give away our time. We don't honor our own time when we need to honor our own time. We don't get enough downtime.” Dr. Gerry Farris Click To Tweet“We found that we should not work more than three days in a row because of the decline in performance. If we work three-twelves or three-sixteens, it drops off the cliff. We found this out within the first month.” Dr. Gerry Farris Click To Tweet “So what I'm really preaching to you is let's work on being better men, women, and leaders by taking care of ourselves.” Dr. Gerry Farris Click To Tweet

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