Episode 142:

Obstacles are a given. We don’t get to waltz through life without facing some tough days, barriers and people who are pretty convinced we’re crazy. As a result – we all have “those days.” Those days of doubt, of worry and of asking ourselves, “what am I doing?” I don’t know about you, but there are days when I wonder how I got on this crazy roller coaster. But then I realize that I stood in line just for a shot at the ride and most days, I love it. Every day we make choices and those choices have consequences.

The choices we make define the life we live. I work hard to come at life from a growth mindset. I know there will be uphill days, but I am going to tackle that hill and figure out how to avoid having to climb it again. My only other option is a limiting mindset.

My guest for this podcast is a person I’ve followed and admired for years and I couldn’t wait to speak with her – in fact we planned a return visit to the podcast not even halfway through this one! Pam Slim digs deep to get to the bottom of those tough questions that keep business owners stuck in place or afraid to step out into the light. Her goal is to find answers that allow us to face and overcome those inevitable challenges, so we can enjoy the ride.

Pam had just embarked on some pretty incredible research on this very subject of overcoming or not overcoming challenges right before we got together. I wanted to get a sneak peek at the findings and Pam delivered! We talked about the power of building a community around you and the power that unleashes as you both get support and support others.

Pam Slim is an award-winning author, speaker, and small business coach. Most of you probably know her from her book, Escape From Cubicle Nation, but there is a lot more to tell.

Pam spent the first 10 years of her solo practice as a consultant to large corporations like HP and Cisco and to worked with thousands of employees, managers, and executives. Then came then Cubicle Nation, the blog which led to the book. Her latest book, Body of Work was released with Penguin Portfolio in 2015. In her hometown of Mesa, AZ, Pam has opened up what she calls a business learning library called K’é, which is a Navajo word meaning “a system of kinship connection.”



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What kinship has to do with building a business
  • The impact of your attitude toward obstacles
  • Why people gather in ecosystems of shared values and experiences
  • What it means to have a “growth” vs. a “fixed” mindset
  • How to course-correct your business whether you’ve been in it for a year or 30 years
  • Why a great business ecosystem is like the ultimate dinner party
  • What the High Council of Jedi Knights can teach us about sharpening our business outcomes
  • The toll that a lack of shared values will take on you in a business (or any) relationship
  • The results of a major research study on overcoming obstacles
  • The power of a group of people who both have your back and hold you accountable

The Golden Nuggets:

“Running a business is not the glistening thing we put on Facebook. What's going on behind the scenes is a big emotional journey.” - @pamslim Click To Tweet “The attitude you bring to an obstacle is absolutely going to drive whether you're able to overcome it.” - @pamslim Click To Tweet “People gather in natural ecosystems that are surrounded by products they use, influencers they follow, associations they belong to, and events they go to.” – @pamslim Click To Tweet “When you start a business, you have to make it through the “conscious incompetence” stage where you are just painfully aware of what you don't know. You have to have a mindset that reminds you ‘I will overcome this.’” - @pamslim Click To Tweet “The view that you can never change is a fixed mindset. That mindset is a choice that indeed is not fixed. No matter what stage of the game, we can really grow and develop.” - @pamslim Click To Tweet “Fundamentally, if you don't have those shared values, then that's part of what creates a feeling of dissonance for people. Working without shared values takes a toll.” - @pamslim Click To Tweet “Sometimes you do need to do things that make you uncomfortable. But that should never compromise the ethical foundation of what you believe.” - @pamslim Click To Tweet “When you think of the most exquisite kinds of connections, where your values are aligned, and you plain value each other, I call them your beloved clients.” - @pamslim Click To Tweet


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