Episode 139:

Every agency has an internal culture. The only question is – did you build it on purpose. Intentionality. That is the bottom line. If you want to consciously create your team’s functionality and effectiveness, what kind of clients you attract, and where your own focus should be – that takes intentionality. That level of thinking has helped Raman Sehgal build an agency that allows him to work with clients from all over the world and enjoy a staff retention rate of 80%.

Raman Sehgal is the owner of a UK-based marketing agency called Ramarketing, an award-winning, creative, digital and PR agency. They are in the business of helping fast-growing companies in the life science, pharma, and manufacturing sectors get noticed.

Nine years ago, he was working from a desk in his home. His agency has now grown the agency to a staff of over 20 and they working with clients across the UK, the US, and Europe, and still have the very first client that they landed almost a decade ago.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What it looks like to go from freelancer to running an agency
  • How the job of owner changes over the lifecycle of an agency
  • Why it’s possible to run an agency from a kitchen counter or a big corporate office
  • How most agency owners become accidental business owners
  • How Raman’s agency model compares to how a traditional agency runs
  • How to build a family first, work second culture in your business
  • What it takes to serve clients in multiple markets around the globe
  • The power of being “meaningfully specific” in an agency
  • Raman’s agency billing structure and the difference between billing by the hour for the US compared to the UK
  • Building a fee structure on deliverables
  • The correlation between giving clients a good return and the margin you receive on your work
  • The red flags you can use to vet prospects and make sure they are a good fit for your agency
  • How trying to make a difficult client happy can actually cost you and your staff
  • Best practices to keep your team productive

The Golden Nuggets:

“My job now is very different than when I started nine years ago. I’m sure all agency owners can attest to that. It’s part of the journey.” – @ramanelli Click To Tweet “Certain prospective clients will come to us, and we'll recognize very quickly that we are not the right fit for them.” – @ramanelli Click To Tweet “There are lots of ways to run an agency, but I’ve found there’s nothing better than being in a room with people.” – @ramanelli Click To Tweet “Turnover and burnout are very common in agencies. I worked hard on our culture, so we keep our best and brightest.” – @ramanelli Click To Tweet “Clients don’t care how much time we put into a project. We don’t even talk about time. We bill based on deliverables and outcomes.” – @ramanelli Click To Tweet

“We have a rule – no internal or external meetings before 11:00 – the morning is for focusing on bigger tasks.” – @ramanelli Click To Tweet


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