Episode 217:

Like every other consumer, your prospects go on a wild and winding journey as they consider whether or not they want to hire an agency and then go about finding that perfect partner. It’s amazing to me that many agencies teach their clients about buying journeys and yet don’t really understand what their prospects go through as they go to market.

Robin and Steve Boehler are the principals at Mercer Island Group and every day, they help brands find that perfect agency partner. They have a unique lens into the emotional roller coaster that prospects ride on their way to hiring an agency. They’ve spent the last few years documenting this journey and now they’re ready to share it with all of us so we can win at each of those milestones.

That’s why I’ve asked Robin back to the podcast, as my first three-peat guest! The Boehlers are just that smart! Take a listen and get a taste of what Robin and Steve have learned through their work with many clients, all on unique but similar journeys that will give us clues on how to win our next sweet spot prospect.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The importance of understanding and anticipating your prospects’ buying journeys
  • The emotional elements in the prospect’s buying journey
  • How to help a prospect mitigate the risk they face when switching to a new agency
  • How to get visibility with your prospects before they’re ready for a change
  • How to make a lasting impression that helps your agency stand out

The Golden Nugget:

“There is an art to providing glimpses of value before a client is looking.” @mig_robin Click To Tweet “Even before there is a real trigger for change, clients are always thinking about how to do better.” @mig_robin Click To Tweet “If you have recently been in touch with a client in a way that is meaningful to them, they will remember you.” @mig_robin Click To Tweet “If we screw up, we might lose an account; if we screw up on the client-side, our contact might lose their job. There is a lot of risk involved.” @DrewMcLellan Click To Tweet “By the time a prospect reaches out to Mercer Island Group, they are one-third of the way through the buying journey.” @mig_robin Click To Tweet

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