Episode 98:

Robin Boehler is a co-founder of Mercer Island Group, a boutique Marketing and Management Consultancy, a pre-eminent agency search consultant to clients and growth advisors to agencies of all sizes in the world. She loves making matches between agencies and clients. She thinks of the review process as a form of dating and loves helping agencies put their best feet forward.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Getting the agency-client relationship right from the very beginning
  • Why truly differentiating your agency is so crucial
  • The importance of doing your research on a prospect before ever speaking to them and how to do it well
  • Why you should never start out a pitch talking about your agency (and when is the right time to do so)
  • Why networking is the best way to get the opportunity to have quality conversations with prospects
  • How to spark curiosity in communication to prospects
  • Robin’s strategy for reaching out to connections that you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Why you shouldn’t hold back a really smart question just because you don’t want a competing agency to hear it
  • Why each conversation you have with a prospect is the only one that matters
  • Why you must show true interest in a prospect’s business and then learn from what the prospect tells you


The Golden Nugget:

“The client does not pay attention until you start talking about them.” – @mig_robin Click To Tweet


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