Episode 71:

Ryan Ayres shows his clients what they can’t see, says what no-one else will say, and helps them accomplish what they don’t experience on their own. Through deep, bold, and customized coaching and consulting, he finds what they really want and helps them use their God given talents! His mission is to serve his clients so powerfully that they have life changing insights that change the trajectory of their life.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ryan got himself out of the day-to-day and got his team to take things off his plate that he did not need to be doing
  • Why great employees will help you when you reach the point when you’re forced to sell what your business does instead of selling what you do
  • Why — if you can’t get rid of 100% of what you’re doing — that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get rid of any of it
  • Why you need to make sure everyone understands and buys into your vision and why it benefits them
  • Ryan’s employee rating matrix
  • Why people very rarely stay or leave based on money (and why this means you don’t need to give as many raises as you think)
  • How to deal with employees who get jealous of what perks you give to other employees
  • How to have tough conversations with “C Players”
  • Why you should journal your time to make sure you’re spending your time where you need to be spending it


The Golden Nugget:

“It’s naïve to think that you’re the best person to do ten tasks.” – @RyanAyres53 Click To Tweet


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