Episode 112:

Ryan O’Donnell is a midwest kid who moved to NYC after college and landed a job on Wall Street making 500 calls a day. He hated it, followed a passion for tech, and ended up joining a company early that eventually sold to Yahoo for $850M. He grew a business unit from $0 – $20M and left Yahoo to startup.

Fast forward 3 meandering years trying to generate sales and Ryan decided to build a product to speed up the time to revenue for any business selling a product or service B2B called Sellhack. He’s successfully running this company today, helping his clients get in front of the right prospects faster and with a better close rate than they’d been doing on their own. He’s a father of 3, husband, and hobbyist prepper, and he’s in relentless pursuit of scratch golf.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why sales is all about automation and efficiency
  • Using data to take the guesswork out of the prospect search
  • Crafting compelling emails to prospects based on what you know about their competition (that you already work with)
  • Figuring out how many prospects you need to capture every week at the top of your sales funnel in order to get the number of new leads you need at the bottom of the funnel
  • SellHack’s algorithm for verifying the email address of a person who you might just know their name and company
  • Replyify: a tool specifically devised for sending out cold email campaigns and building a sales process to contact prospects in other ways
  • Strategies for crafting an email that works for cold selling B2B products and services
  • How and when to ask to schedule time with a prospect
  • Tiering your offerings and basing communication with prospects based on the tier
  • Using the ideas from this podcast not only inside your agency, but also with your clients

The Golden Nugget:

“Use data to target prospects that have the highest likelihood to convert.” – Ryan O'Donnell Click To Tweet


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