Episode 199:

Influencer marketing isn’t new. Remember Joe Namath in pantyhose? (If you don’t Google it)

But what is new is that anyone can harness the power of the internet and attract and monetize an audience. The value to our clients in that new twist is that there is an influencer for any subject, budget, or audience.

This is an area where many agencies are crushing their financial goals. But if done wrong – you can lose your shirt. That’s why I knew we needed to talk to Shane Barker.

Getting to the tactical heart of effective and profitable influencer marketing is what episode #199 is all about. My guest is Shane Barker, who has been doing influencer marketing since before the term was even coined. We talk about finding the right person, the proverbial needle in the influencer haystack, and how to determine the real reach of that individual who calls him/herself an influencer.

Maybe you or your clients are still questioning the ROI of influencer marketing. Shane and I discuss how to do it right from start to finish, so you and your clients get the most bang for your influencer buck.

From working with agencies and brands on influencer strategy and with celebrities on digital reputation management, to obtaining a #1 national ranking with PROskore as a social media consultant, Shane has built an impressive list of accomplishments. As a regular contributor to publications like Salesforce, Yahoo Small Business, Marketing Profs and others, he continues to grow and share his knowledge.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How to vet influencers so you and clients get what you pay for
  • Why you should interview influencers to find the right fit beyond the metrics
  • How to A/B test in influencer marketing
  • What goes into developing a solid influencer marketing strategy
  • How to be the best choice for the influencers you want to work with
  • Developing Scope of Work terms with an influencer
  • The best tools to use to start your influencer search
  • How to fine-tune your influencer search with the “eyeball test”
“One of the biggest problems with influencer marketing is when agencies and brands look only at follower count.” – @shane_barker Click To Tweet “It's nice to have that belly-to-belly conversation with an influencer. Because most brands don't do that. They don't develop that deeper relationship.” – @shane_barker Click To Tweet “When hiring an influencer, most brands follow this path: look at follower count, send them some free product, and then hope that magic happens. There are about 500 steps in between.” – @shane_barker Click To Tweet “When I start working with a brand on an influencer campaign, I ask qualifying questions. What are their expectations? And are they realistic? As always, communication is key.” – @shane_barker Click To Tweet “The information-gathering tools available are phenomenal. They curate information and you can filter down to find exactly the kind of influencer you are looking for.” – @shane_barker Click To Tweet

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