Episode 6:

Sharon Toerek is an intellectual and property law attorney. Her national firm, Toerek Law, works with clients all over the country, devoting time to helping creative professionals protect, enforce and monetize their creative assets. Sharon consults with clients on legal issues surrounding copywriting, content protection, licensing of creative content, trademark and brand protection, and more.

She is the former President of the American Ad Federation (AAF) Cleveland and serves on the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) Legal Consultant panel.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The most common legal concerns agencies have
  • The big misperceptions that get agencies into hot water
  • How and why you need to structure agreements with freelancers and clients
  • The Legal and Creative Agency Protection System
  • The big legal issues that are holding agencies back
  • Employees and social media: the policies you need to put in place with your employees to protect your agency
  • Some things you can do at low to no cost to protect your agency legally


The Golden Nugget:

“Your currency as an agency is the intellectual property that you create.” – @SharonToerek Click To Tweet

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Resources Sharon provides:

  • Developed as a result of FAQ’s Sharon was receiving, Agency Legal Protection is a legal toolkit for marketing agencies.

Ways to contact Sharon:


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