Episode 148:

If there is a common pain point for agency owners today — it’s recruiting and retaining talent. It’s a conversation I am having every day and it’s more difficult than it’s been in quite a while. Unfortunately, I don’t see that trend reversing any time soon. Which means we’d all better improve our ability to keep the good ones that we either have or can attract. It’s starts with hiring the right person for the right reasons.

What are the most effective questions to ask during the interview process? What do you need to know about the candidate? What do they need to know about you, your agency and the culture there?

For my podcast guest Steve Lowisz, it all comes down to purpose. Are you clear on the purpose of the position your hiring for? Are deliverables clearly spelled out in the job description you are posting? It’s critical to discover if the candidate’s purpose actually aligns with your agency’s purpose, and if they do – you’d better have a plan for nurturing that shared passion.

Steve Lowisz is an expert on talent acquisition, talent assessment, personal development, diversity & inclusion, and business performance. He has more than two decades of research and practical business experience allowing him to serve hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals.

As CEO of the Qualigence Group of Companies that he founded in 1999, Steve regularly contributes to Industry events and publications and has been featured in Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, The Detroit Free Press and on Bloomberg Radio.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why job descriptions often don’t provide the right information to get the right candidate for the job
  • How to look at capacity, character, competencies, and culture when interviewing candidates
  • How to discover what is motivating someone’s job search
  • Identifying what a candidate is looking for that they don’t have now
  • The different competencies needed for working on site compared with working remotely
  • How facts, feelings, focus, and fruit can help get you through difficult, honest feedback conversations
  • Numerous strategies for hiring and retaining great talent
  • How to engage on LinkedIn, rather than using it as an “as needed” resume database
  • Why having one-on-one meetings still matter and how to fill them with purpose

The Golden Nuggets:

“How often do you see deliverables posted in a job description? When you set out clear expectations, candidates know right up front what is expected of them, and you know more clearly the profile of the person who will fit the job.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet “We tend to ask the surface level questions without the follow-up to get at the heart of the matter.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet “Stop hating on millennials. Whatever the generation, there is no difference in how you find and recruit the good ones.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet “Consistent one-on-ones with your direct reports is a non-negotiable. It matters how you approach it, for sure. So make sure there is a purpose and objectives, but these meetings are crucial to retaining great employees.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet “Don’t be generic in your praise. Take that person aside and be very specific. ‘You did a great job on this specific thing.’ That actually goes further in building that relationship.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet “If you’re not feeding an employee’s purpose, I don’t care what else you do. They’re going to find something else and they are going to leave.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet “Almost 90% of employees wish their bosses would be more direct about constructive feedback. They want us to be honest with them so they can improve.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet “Your sales job is not over when the candidate accepts the position. Development and retention are different from recruitment, but they are all connected.” - @slowisz Click To Tweet


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