Episode 90:

Drew McLellan is the Top Dog at Agency Management Institute. For the past 21 years, he has also owned and operated his own agency. Drew’s unique vantage point as being both an active agency owner and working with 250+ small- to mid-size agencies throughout the year, give him a unique perspective on running an agency today.

AMI works with agency owners by:

  • Leading agency owner peer groups
  • Offering workshops for owners and their leadership teams
  • Offering AE bootcamps
  • Conducting individual agency owner coaching
  • Doing on-site consulting
  • Offering online courses in agency new business and account service

Because he works with those 250+ agencies every year — he has the unique opportunity to see the patterns and the habits (both good and bad) that happen over and over again. He has also written two books and been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Fortune Small Business. The Wall Street Journal called his blog “One of 10 blogs every entrepreneur should read.”



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality: what you need to know about this technology that is coming fast
  • Influencer marketing: connecting your client’s brand with their audience through social influencers who have built an audience around a specific topic
  • Ratings & Reviews: How agencies can turn a profit by solving this problem for existing clients (and how to use it as a door-opener for prospects)
  • Why agencies are developing relationships with more people inside companies than just CMOs
  • Why you need to play nice with the other agencies that you share a client with
  • If you’re not being offered exclusivity, do you need to offer it in return?
  • Selling what you know and what you think instead of “stuff”
  • ROI: why it’s not an optional conversation
  • Why you need to be transparent on your fees
  • Bragworthy benefits like a student loan repayment program


The Golden Nugget:

“Don’t be so quick to give exclusivity away to clients unless you get something in return.” – @DrewMcLellan Click To Tweet


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