Episode 32:

Tom Martin, author of “Invisible Sale,” has been in the agency life for many years. He has spent 20 years driving new business for agencies. In 2010, he created Converse Digital, an agency that focuses on doing business differently.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How new business has changed over the years
  • Why clients no longer believe in hiring just one agency
  • How to define your value to your clients when delivering ideas instead of “stuff”
  • Correctly positioning your agency in the days when your client first discovers you
  • Painless Prospecting: how to get great leads to find you
  • Can Painless Prospecting work for generalists?
  • The risks of delegating the Painless Prospecting process
  • What your content has to do for your Painless Prospecting process to work
  • Why giving away your secret sauce is never going to implode your business
  • Tom’s propinquity theory on marketing today
  • What you can do right now to get started on the business development path discussed in this episode


The Golden Nugget:

“Agencies really thinks their secret sauce is so different, but it’s not.” – @TomMartin Click To Tweet


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