Episode 11:

Before Trent Dyrsmid started a digital agency called Groove, he founded Dyrand Systems, a managed IT service provider that was recognized twice as one of Canada’s PROFIT Magazine’s 100 fastest growing companies. During his 8 years as CEO, Trent was fortunate to have been recognized as one of the Top 40 under 40 business people in Vancouver, B.C.

In addition to overseeing Groove, Trent is also the host of the Bright Ideas podcast, where he regularly publishes interviews with some of today’s brightest entrepreneurs.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Trent’s journey into entrepreneurship, leaving to become an employee, and his return to being his own boss
  • Why Trent created Bright Ideas and Groove Digital Marketing
  • The importance of creating a business that works within a niche
  • Generating leads through a lead magnet
  • Why you should be targeting leads on Facebook
  • How to make your agency more valuable by creating systems and getting out of the client work
  • What’s next for agency owners that have successfully built the systems that allow them to take a step away from their agency
  • Action steps for putting in place the topics discussed in this episode


The Golden Nugget:

“If as the CEO you're doing client execution, you're the biggest bottleneck.” – @TrentDyrsmid Click To Tweet

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