Are You Tracking These Essential KPIs in Your Agency?

Do you know which employees are most profitable? Which marketing campaigns are most successful? Where your most qualified leads are coming from? How many sales you will get next month? And perhaps most importantly, why? Essential KPIs (key performance indicators) are the path to understanding. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, can give you the necessary insight you need to answer all these questions and more. They can track and measure how well -and how poorly- every aspect of your agency is performing. If you want to grow, sell, or simply maximize your profits then essential KPIs are non-negotiable. But the thing about essential KPI’s is that they often times come with a pesky problem called analysis paralysis. This is being so caught up in tracking and analyzing that the original task never gets accomplished. So how do you track all of the essentials without getting caught up in the numbers? It starts by monitoring only what matters because while you can track just about everything you really don’t need to. There are also certain KPIs that are more important to digital agencies than they are to other industries. Below you’ll find the most KPIs that your agency needs to be tracking. Expenses Knowing exactly where your money is going will allow you to cut back on unnecessary expenses. Sometimes the simplest thing, like a software subscription you forgot to cancel, can cost your hundreds of dollars. You should break down your expenses into individual line items, then they should be categorized so you can see which areas are costing you the most. If you’re not strictly monitoring where every penny is going you’re probably throwing away a lot more money than you realize. One of [...]

Project Management Tools for Advertising & Marcom/PR Agencies

Looking for ad agency project management software? You're not alone. I don't think there is an agency on the planet that doesn't struggle with managing dozens if not hundreds of projects on a given day.  So many details, so many cooks in the kitchen and so many consequences if a single detail gets lost, misunderstood or forgotten. There's good news and not so good news and downright bad news on the project management software front. The good news is -- there are lots of excellent software choices out there at all price points. The not so good news is -- no one software is the magic bullet and does it all.  You're going to have to make some compromises. The bad news is -- the garbage in, garbage out rule is as true today as it was 20 years ago.  These project management software systems could be great for your agency, but if you and your team don't use them regularly, well and with discipline -- you will end up walking away frustrated. While I am sure this list is not exhaustive, here's a good sampling of the most commonly used project management tools for agencies.  Click on any of the names to check out their website. Some on the list are specifically for project management.  Others will let you do time sheets and there are even some that are project management and full-on accounting altogether. One of the newer entries, Zerys is mostly a custom content management system but also includes project management functionality.  So there's a little something for everyone. 10,000 Feet Advantage AgileZen Basecamp BizPad Copper CurrentTrack  FunctionFox Function Point  Intervals Paprika Project Manager Robohead  eSilent Partner  Traffic Vertabase Workamajig WorkZone Zerys   [...]

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