If there is a mistake I see agency owners make time and time again, it’s that they talk themselves out of listening to their own best instincts. Your gut is right 99% of the time and there’s a huge cost when you ignore it.

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Hey everybody, Drew McLellan here from Agency Management Institute, this week coming to you from Miami, Florida. One of the conversations I've been having with a lot of agency owners and leaders this week, is about decision making. And one of the things that you do all of the time is that you... Royal you, maybe not you, but you have a feeling, you have a strong sort of gut reaction to something, and then your brain talks you out of whatever your gut is saying. And I'm going to tell you that over the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of agency owner decisions that I have observed, been a part of, coached through, I am telling you that 99.9 of the time, the gut is smarter than the brain. When you get that nagging little feeling, whether it's a do something or not do something, or to say something, or to open a door or shut a door, whatever it is, when your gut, you get that little sort of Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder sort of talking in your ear, when your gut is talking to you and telling you to trust it, I'm also telling you to trust it. One of the biggest mistakes agency owners make is that they second-guess themselves. And I promise you that most of the time, vastly most of the time, your gut is spot on. And when you trust it and when you have confidence in your innate ability to just have a sixth sense about what you should do or not do, make a job offer, go after a client that feels like a stretch, have a tough conversation with an employee or a client. I promise you, your gut is right. And on the rare occasions that it's wrong, so be it. Because the mistakes, the cost, the risk of not trusting your gut and letting your brain override that sense that you have, is much more costly than the rare occasion that your gut is wrong. So when your gut and your brain are in conflict, I'm telling you, I've seen it so many times, trust your gut. You are right so often. Most of the time, you are spot on right. So sometimes you have to silence that brain a little bit and just listen to sort of what your, maybe it's not your gut, maybe it's your soul, maybe it's the sixth sense, maybe it's just experience, but whatever it is, it's right, and I want you to trust it. Okay? I'll be back next week. See you then.

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