I repeatedly hear other agency owners lament their inability to find that mythical salesperson who can sell to prospects so owners don’t have to. My response is always the same: Are you sure that person isn’t already inside your agency? From my experience, successful salespeople have typically grown up in the agency (or at least in the agency world). Rather than a sales background, however, these potential sales stars often come from account services.

These potential salespeople might not be perfect in all areas at first. Some might struggle with closing deals, for example. What they should have, however, are all the other qualifications of a great salesperson: excellent at building relationships, encourages long-term partnerships and upsells existing clients on your services.

If you’re ready to look within your agency for the next dream salesperson, take your time. Put a lot of thought into why this person would flourish in a sales role, and ensure this person has the following qualifications:

  1. Knowledge of your agency and the industry it serves—This person must be fluent in your agency, its services and how it has helped clients reach new levels of success. The salesperson’s expertise should also extend to clients’ industries and verticals; otherwise, she won’t have productive conversations about how your agency can solve prospects’ pain points.
  2. Confidence—A successful salesperson must be able to naturally speak with authority. She should be comfortable reaching out and speaking to a wide range of people—from marketing associates at networking events to CMOs to business owners she targets with specific outbound marketing efforts.
  3. Sales Skills—The ability to create and maintain relationships is the foundation of any good salesperson. She must also know how to ask strong questions while also boasting patience and persistence.

Next time you need a new salesperson—and before you begin the long hunt to hire someone—pause and look around. Is your next dynamic salesperson already sitting inside your own shop?

This article originally appeared on Forbes.com