Be honest agency owner, you know that your account executive team is great. But sometimes they struggle when it comes to actual sales. Enter our account executive sales training workshop.

67% of an agency’s new business revenue comes from existing clients (on average).  The people who are (or sadly — are not) going to bring in those additional dollars are your account executive team.  They interact with their clients every day.  They propose new work, they know when the client has hit a barrier (and maybe needs some marketing help to leap over it) and they drive that client’s activity.

Sounds like sales to me.  But if your AEs think and behave more like relationship managers, you’re not alone.  When surveyed, agency owners had these frustrations about the people on their account team:

  • Sometimes they behave like they work for the client, not the agency
  • They don’t know how to listen for problems we can help solve
  • They don’t understand the business of owning or running a business
  • They don’t think new business or sales within our existing clients
  • They let the client lead too much

Sound familiar?  That’s why we developed our Account Service Advanced Training workshop.  We spend two days teaching GOOD account service people how to really help grow their agency’s AGI, reputation, new business (both from existing clients and brand new) and their network.  We talk numbers.  We talk strategy.  And we talk sales.

When the participants leave the executive sales training workshop, sales is no longer a dirty or scary word.  They come back fired up and excited to stretch their wings. But don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what some past participants have had to say:

“My AE came back so fired up, she was unstoppable.  Within 48 hours, she’d increased one client’s AGI to us by 20% for the year. When is your next workshop? I have two employees that I need to get there!”

“Not only did Megan learn a lot at your workshop – she brought it back to the agency and took it upon herself to get the entire account team on board. Now, they’re all moving in the same direction!”

“I knew your workshop was worth its weight in gold when Jim came back and started talking to me about client profitability, reducing write-offs and making sure we get a good return on every project.  Now he’s not just an advertising professional, he’s a business professional.”

“I don’t know how you did it, but the two people who returned from your workshop are not the same two people I sent.  They’re ready to take on the world.  Both have delivered incredible results in the last few weeks, getting stalled clients off the dime and bringing new revenue into the agency.  Thank you!”

“Just a quick note of thanks.  My AE came back from your workshop with a notebook full of ideas.  It took a two hour meeting for her to review them all with me and for us to prioritize which ones to implement first.”

“I asked my AEs  to put together a quick memo on the three biggest takeaways from your workshop.  Neither could limit themselves to three!”

“My account team used the tips you gave them on presentations and just won us a piece of business that’s worth about $75K in AGI to us. The client even comments on how different their presentation was from everyone else’s.  We’re toasting you at our celebration this afternoon!”

The good news for you is — we have a two day executive sales training workshop right around the corner.  Check out details in our brochure by clicking here. It’s on October 29th and 30th and we’d love to help your AEs learn how to take their work to the next level — making your clients even more successful and making your agency more money.