I work with over 200 agencies a year and the ones who are really crushing their AGI goals are the ones who have blended digital and PR into their shops.

The addition of PR into a traditional ad shop (even one who has made the leap to digital) brings all kinds of new revenue opportunities to your agency.

  • Traditional PR and media placements, media training etc.
  • Digital PR — everything from guest blogging to securing back links
  • Content marketing — creating content, curating content, thought leadership
  • Crisis communications planning and prep
  • Reputation management

I get it — you’ve established yourself as an advertising agency. You have a list of devoted clients. Your work has earned you numerous industry awards and the respect and admiration of your peers. So why should you consider branching out into PR?

I asked Nancy Marshall — Maine’s PR Maven, who is co-leading AMI’s Build a PR Department Inside Your Agency workshop this November 6th and 7th to share her thoughts on how adding PR to your shop would add value.  Here’s what she said.

Here are five ways PR will improve your entire agency:

  1. You will be able to generate a bigger and better ROI for your clients. Let’s face it, advertising and PR work best when used together, reaching for the same goal.
  2. It will create an additional revenue stream for your agency. You will now be able to pitch prospects seeking PR services exclusively, representing an entirely new pool of potential clients for your agency. You can also upsell PR services to your existing clients.
  3. PR will add value to your client relationships. Current and prospective clients will like the fact that they can work with one agency to meet their advertising and PR needs.
  4. You can prove to your clients all the work you are doing on their behalf is paying off. PR used to be a little nebulous and difficult to measure. Now, thanks to the Internet, social media, and specific online tools like Cision and Hootsuite designed to track PR results, quantifying your results couldn’t be easier.
  5. You can generate better PR for yourself. With PR experts on staff, you will now have the knowledge and expertise to generate positive media coverage for your own agency in addition to improving your social media presence, maximizing public speaking opportunities, strengthening your brand, and much more. This will result in a higher awareness and appreciation of your agency, making it easier for you to attract new clients.

I hope this encourages you to think more about incorporating PR into the list of services you offer.


So what do you say — ready to add more AGI to your agency?  Then join Nancy and me in Denver this November.  Be sure to get registered for the workshop before we sell out.  As with all AMI workshops, if you don’t think it was worth the price of admission, we’ll refund your tuition.