Since 2015 we’ve featured some amazing, smart and generous guests on our podcast, Build A Better Agency.  I know as the conversation wraps up — I always want even more of their smarts.  I’m hoping you react the same way.

So I decided we needed to find a way to get you even more of their good counsel, inspiration, and experiences to help you grow your agency.  Fortunately, many of our guests have written books, offer classes or have other cool things that would serve you well.

Every week, we are going to do a drawing to give away something helpful from one of our guests.  You only have to register once and you’ll always be eligible to win — each and every week!

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This week’s giveaway!

Racing Through the Forest

by Timothy L. Johnson

Imagine working for an organization mired in the way we’ve always done things for almost 100 years. When executives (and twin sisters) Flora and Fauna Forest disagree on the best approach to successfully manage Forest Industries’ two most strategic projects, the competition begins. Fauna believes that success breeds success and selects her favorite flashy salesman, Biff Haire, to manage Project Birch. Flora supports a slow and steady approach and chooses Barry Tortisse, an excruciatingly methodical accountant to manage Project Hickory.

If you’ve been spending your time reading business fables that focus on little mice, fairy godmothers, and big whales to point out obvious management principles but don’t leave you with much to apply to your job the next day, Race Through the Forest is written especially for you. Designed for both novice and experienced project managers, as well as executive sponsors, Race Through the Forest steps you, the reader, through every step of a project, from initiating each project with a purposeful business case, to planning a project that couples strong task definition and coordination with intelligent resource assignments, to executing the project with meaningful and honest status reports. The reader will take away useful ideas in managing work projects successfully.

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