Since 2015 we’ve featured some amazing, smart and generous guests on our podcast, Build A Better Agency.  I know as the conversation wraps up — I always want even more of their smarts.  I’m hoping you react the same way.

So I decided we needed to find a way to get you even more of their good counsel, inspiration, and experiences to help you grow your agency.  Fortunately, many of our guests have written books, offer classes or have other cool things that would serve you well.

Every week, we are going to do a drawing to give away something helpful from one of our guests.  You only have to register once and you’ll always be eligible to win — each and every week!

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The Business of Expertise

by David C. Baker

This passionate expertise manifesto is intended to elevate the impact of advisors who sell insight as entrepreneurs. Three foundational chapters form the basis of the entire book: experts develop insight by isolating patterns in data; they convert those insights to wealth by crafting a unique positioning for which few available substitutes exist, and their confidence grows as the marketplace embraces their application of expertise. The next fifteen chapters–building on that foundation–each answer a single question, starting with the role of expertise in a developed society, how important it is for experts to love the hard work required to hone their expertise, and how to see all that in the context of their own purpose in the world.

We pause to dig deeper by examining the very narrow overlap between expertise and entrepreneurship: the narrow slice of humanity for which this book was written, with a nod to how easy it is for those entrepreneurial experts to be pulled off-mission to explore new things. What are the critical positioning mistakes to avoid? Are there helpful ways to keep your deep, narrow expertise from blinding you to a broader, wider relevance? How might you frame your expertise in horizontal or vertical terms or a combination of both?

There are core principles for this and they start with distinguishing between strategy and implementation. What are the earlier and then later tests to validate your positioning? What are the most effective ways to demonstrate your expertise, and conversely the activities most important to avoid? If you are an entrepreneurial expert selling advice for a living, you’ll absorb deeper and deeper insight each time you scour it. It emerges from the trenches and is written for experts in the trenches.

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