Episode 319:

As agency owners and leaders, we all want to succeed at the long game. We plan and work with the hope that it will lead to long-term success. But it can be difficult to hang in there when faced with uncertainty, and we constantly wonder which bets are going to pay off and when we need to pivot. Fear can paralyze us or force us to make decisions that undermine a potential payoff because it all feels a bit like a guessing game.

Author and keynote speaker Dorie Clark is a world-renowned teacher and coach. She’s been on the podcast before (episode 152) and returns with tips and insights for how to leverage the long game, based on her new book of the same title, to avoid a lot of mistakes created by this fear and uncertainty.

In this episode of Build a Better Agency, Dorie and I discuss a lot of tools that help build a successful long game. We talk about ways to build more breathing room into a busy life, the need to track progress, and how to recognize the indicators that you’re on the right track. We look at the importance of building the right support system, how to find more focus, and why it’s so important to acknowledge and celebrate the small successes along the way.

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The Long Game

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Defining and Creating “White Space”
  • The need to track progress
  • The indicators that create success in The Long Game
  • The importance of having people around you who understand your business
  • How and where to focus for The Long Game
  • Why it’s important to acknowledge the successes
“As you are trying to build something meaningful and get your ideas out there, it is really hard in the moment to tell the difference between something not working and something not working YET.” @dorieclark Click To Tweet “It’s not that we need balance all at once, it’s that we need balance over time.” @dorieclark Click To Tweet “We have to look for qualitative measures even before the quantitative starts coming in.” @dorieclark Click To Tweet “Thinking ‘long-term’ is when you are making choices today, even hard choices, that will make tomorrow easier and better.” @dorieclark Click To Tweet “Minimizing our goals is actually quite helpful.” @dorieclark Click To Tweet “We cannot give away our power to random people who for some reason don’t like what we’re doing.” @dorieclark Click To Tweet “It’s not that we don’t recognize the success, it’s that we don’t take time to pause and savor it.” @dorieclark Click To Tweet

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