Episode 274:

As marketers we understand the power and influence of a brand. We know that every buying decision we make is based on emotion. This helps explain why some brands garner a cult-like fan base. They understand the power of their emotional triggers. As agencies, we should be brilliant at discerning and leveraging a brand’s specific emotional triggers. But sometimes it’s difficult to help a client see the value in what can appear a bit ethereal. But what if there was a tool to help you validate what you know about your clients’ (or your) brand?

Today’s guest has turned the science of emotion into a tangible tool. Brian Gregory comes from a long publishing and advertising background. He has studied the core emotional triggers that lead to a specific brand’s buying decisions and is using this insight to help agencies and their clients build a better business and ROI.

In this episode of Build a Better Agency, Brian and I discuss the principles of emotion-based buying, including examples of how it has been used successfully by well-known brands. We also talk about the formula that all good marketing follows, what the big brands fear small businesses will figure out, and why it’s important to have an emotional emphasis in all your marketing communication.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The science of emotion buying marketing
  • An introduction to Admanity, an online tool that defines which of the primal emotions can be best utilized by your clients and your agency
  • How to use the knowledge of emotion buying triggers to increase sales
  • How advertising follows a formula
  • The importance of understanding how emotions are related when it comes to marketing communication
  • How businesses and agencies get advertising wrong
  • What the big brands fear small businesses will figure out
  • Why this is the perfect time for small-to-midsize agencies and brands to embrace the power of emotion buying
  • How an agency can use emotion buying concepts to sell a client on a new campaign
“We don’t make a decision in our mind until we get emotional just a split second before that.” @theadmanity Click To Tweet “When you understand what emotions your brand could or should trigger it gives you the formula for engaging prospects in a way that gets them closer to a buying decision.” @theadmanity Click To Tweet “The brand that attracts is 10 times more powerful than the brand that can only sell.” @theadmanity Click To Tweet “You can’t just say it, you have to make it felt.” @theadmanity Click To Tweet “A typical message is like a Post-It note. You stick it up but two days later it falls off. Emotionally charged messaging is like putting a thumbtack in it. It sticks there forever.” @theadmanity Click To Tweet

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