Agency owners are tired after carrying the last two years on their shoulders. And that weight just keeps feeling heavier and heavier. There is a solution but you may not like it very much!

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Hey everybody, Drew McLellan here
from Agency Management Institute,
this week coming to you from Pacific Beach, California,
my favorite hotel, Tower23.
So, I've spent the last week with agency owners
and I've been talking to a lot of you
over the last couple weeks
and, of course, this is the second year anniversary
of when the world completely turned upside down for us
and COVID hit and things started shutting down
and we went into reactionary panic mode,
appropriately so, to save our business.
And thank goodness,
all of you were able to withstand the crisis
all of you were able to withstand the crisis
and hold onto your team and hold onto your clients.
Some of you had to rebuild,
but all of you are standing today
because you made great choices
and you took a lot of weight on your shoulders.
And so, while I think that is admirable,
I also think it's exhausting.
So, one of the conversations
I'm having a lot with agency owners this week is
just how tired you guys are;
how, for the last two years,
you have pretty much been on, nonstop.
So, first, it was COVID,
then it was COVID recovery,
and then it was, again, all the personal stuff:
dealing with your own family and the risks
and the fear around that.
And then by the time we got back to work
and we were really rebuilding the agency
or strengthening ourselves
or we were dealing with work-from-home things
for the first time and wonky clients,
and then, of course, the great resignation.
So it has been a slog for the last two years
and a lot of you are really tired.
So here's what I'm going to tell you.
The only way I know for you to recharge
and to reset and to get your mojo back
is for you to unplug for a couple days.
So, I'm not talking about taking a weekend.
I'm talking about three or four days
where you really disconnect.
You don't worry about email,
you only answer the cell phone if it's a family member,
and you just find your happy place, whatever that is.
For some of you, that might be Disney World.
For other people, that might be the ocean.
For other folks, it's going to be in the mountains
or in New York City, shopping.
I don't care what it is
but you need to give yourself a breather.
You need to give yourself something
that fills you back up,
that re-energizes you, that gets you fired up,
and then you can go back to the office
with renewed energy, a new attitude,
and just feeling like your bucket is finally full again.
So don't...
I've had a lot of agency owners make the time to do this
and when they come back, the difference is really palpable.
So don't brush this off.
Don't say, "I'm just going to get it through."
What I really want you to do is
I really want you to invest in yourself
for just a few days.
If you can do it for longer, more power to you.
But get away, unplug, recharge,
and come back refreshed and ready to go, okay?
Give yourself that. You have earned it.
All right? I'll see you next week.

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