Looking for a way to connect with a prospect you haven’t met yet? An easy and kind way to get on their radar screen is to look for ways to compliment them.

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Hey everybody, Drew McLellan here from Agency Management Institute, this week, I'm coming to you from my home studio. You know, I got a new business tip for you. I think it's easy and I think it's effective. I want you to identify a prospect that you would really like to have a conversation with and I want you to send them a genuine compliment. I want you to notice something they've written or done or accomplished or won. And I want you to send them a note on LinkedIn or by email and just let them know that you valued it, especially if it came to you maybe through an e-newsletter or something like that, or an article that you read that they wrote that you found valuable. Take a minute or two and stop and let them know that you appreciate the thought leadership that they're putting out into the world, the smarts that they're sharing. I know for me that when I get an email or a LinkedIn message from somebody who listen to the podcast or read something in an e-newsletter or even attended a workshop, and they share with me how they used it or that they found it valuable or that... I often get told that people think that I'm bugging their conference room because I'm talking like I know exactly what's going on with them. Here's what happens. When someone sends you a personal, heartfelt note, you feel compelled to answer back, you feel compelled to jump into that conversation a little bit. Now, it may not go on and on and on but at least there's a connection and it's a real connection, it's a human connection. So if you want to have a conversation with someone and you want to, someday down the road, let them know about your agency and what you do and how you might be able to help them, why not start with a very human interaction and let them know that they did something that you noticed and appreciated. I think you're going to be surprised how well it works. Give it a try. I'll see you next week.

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