I talk to advertising agency owners all day long.  We talk about staffing issues, new business challenges and the angst that comes with clients.  My job is to listen, ask good questions and try to help the agency owner sort things out and plan next steps.

Truth be told — it’s an easy job.  Because in most cases, the owner already knows the answer.  But they don’t want it to be right.  Agency owners need to stop ignoring that nagging feeling.  Agency owners need to trust their gut.

  • Do you think one of your employees is poaching clients and getting ready to start their own agency?  They probably are.
  • Are you worried that your new business efforts are too haphazard?  They probably are.
  • Concerned that your best client is about to fire you.  Yup, it’s coming.

After almost 20 years of owning my own agency, I think it takes a unique breed to choose that path.  I think you have to possess a healthy ego, a sales mentality and you have to be an eternal optimist.  You need to see the possibilities and the up side that’s right around the corner.  But that can do, things will be good attitude can also blind an agency owner to the truth.   Especially if it is a truth you don’t want to face.

So let me ask you this — has your gut been nagging at you about something lately?  Do you find yourself worrying about the same thing over and over?  I think it’s time to pay attention.  Odds are, whatever you’re thinking (good or bad) is right on the money.

You’ve earned that gut instinct through decades of doing business.  Don’t dismiss it or ignore it until it’s too late.  Slow down.  Listen.  And take the action your subconscious has been trying to get you to consider.

I’m betting it’s the right call.