As a CEO, you’ve built your business to be strong and competitive, you’re proud of your successes, and you’ve probably learned a few lessons along the way. One of those lessons probably is that you can’t do everything yourself.  But what should you actually do?  When is it important to delegate and when should you lead the charge yourself?

We Work asked me to think about the role of the CEO in a company. CEOs need to have some level of involvement in every aspect of the business to keep an eye on the long term goals.  So if that’s true, and it is, maybe the question isn’t what areas you should be actively involved in but how you should be involved with each aspect of your company.

How about you? How to you determine when to step into an area and when to just keep apprised of developments? How do you engage your employees to take the lead in strategic areas and yet still keep you in the loop? Let me know!