Make the next few weeks all about youEven if you’ve had a spectacular year and you’re trying to figure out how to spend all of your profits — by now, you’re probably feeling a little weary. As agency owners and leaders, we’re not so great at slowing down or listening to our body’s signals that it’s time for a recharge.  Perhaps that’s the hidden beauty that the holidays happen to align with the end of the year.

These next few weeks are the perfect time for you to slow down, reboot and focus on getting ready to take 2018 by storm.  Here are some suggestions on how you might spend your time.

Family, friends and feasting: Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy those you love. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than laughing with the people who mean the most to you. A little wine doesn’t hurt along the way!

Soak in some smarts: You know that pile of books or downloaded but never listened to podcasts you have stacking up? Why not replenish your idea pool by enjoying some content by your favorite authors and thought leaders?

Get organized: The office is usually pretty quiet — which makes it the perfect time to clean up your office, get rid of some of that paper and

Connect: Whether its an old client you miss or a high school friend you haven’t talked to in ages — reach out.  Set up a time to talk on the phone or grab coffee. These are the people you’ve been missing for the last few months.  Fix that now.

Prioritize: Take a couple hours and complete our one-page business plan and owner’s life plan.  Know where you’re heading and why you need to head there.

Give some gratitude: This week is a wonderful time to say thank you. To your team, to your clients and to the people who support you.  I’m not talking about your annual client gift or the staff’s bonus.  Really take the time to look them in the eye and say thank you. Or write an old-fashioned thank you note.

Pamper yourself: Hopefully you know what fills your bucket. Whether it’s a massage, 18 holes of golf, an extra yoga class or two or indulging in a double feature at the move theatre — do something indulgent to remind yourself that you’ve worked your tail off and you have earned a reward.

In a couple weeks, we’ll get back to the serious business of running an agency. But for now, know that I am grateful that we get to serve you every week with the podcast, our weekly newsletter and all the other ways we connect.  Enjoy your down time and make the most of it by making it all about you.