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Video budgets are up in 2024, which means the demand for video content from clients will be high this year. For agencies, it also indicates that we must start utilizing this incredible business development tool for ourselves to know what’s up when our clients ask about it.

Not only that, but video content creation is an incredible medium for agencies in prospecting, connecting with current clients, and gaining valuable data and metrics on what content is engaging to your audience.

Are prospects clicking off your video in the first 10 seconds? Are they even opening the email? Or are they going back to watch it again and again? Video tracking and metrics give us all these answers and more.

Ready to learn more about what will soon be your best business development tool in 2024? Join us in this week’s Build a Better Agency to discover more about the power of video for agency growth.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How video helps you connect deeper with people
  • Making videos vs. being a content creator
  • Getting comfortable on camera and remaining authentic
  • Deciding what types of videos you want to create and where to share them
  • 5 ways agencies can use video to connect with clients
  • Teaching clients to use video as a business development tool
  • What video data and metrics can tell us about our content
  • Using video to market and grow your agency

“There's a lot of different ways that you can use video, but this is a skill set that is the future.” - Violet Rainwater Click To Tweet
“One of the things that I feel right now in the world of AI, video's the only way to show up authentically.” - Violet Rainwater Click To Tweet
“When it comes to video and driving sales, video is the ultimate sales enablement tool when you use these platforms to take the consumer on a journey.” - Violet Rainwater Click To Tweet
“When you send a normal email, if they read it, they will retain 10% of it. If you send a video with that same information, they'll retain 95% of it.” - Violet Rainwater Click To Tweet
“That's the goal in sales — just create a repeatable process that works. And once you realize what tools and what videos and what topics work, then you just repeat the process.” - Violet Rainwater Click To Tweet

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Hey everybody. Drew here. You know, we are always looking for more ways to be helpful and meet you wherever you’re at to help you grow your agency. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve produced this podcast for so long, and I’m super grateful that you listen as often as you do. However, there are some topics that are better suited for quick hyper-focused answers in under 10 minutes. That’s where our YouTube channel really comes in. For quick doses of inspiration, best practices, tips and tricks, head over to youtube.com/the at sign Agency Management institute. Again, that’s youtube.com/the at sign or symbol.

And then Agency Management Institute, all one word. Subscribe and search the existing video database for all sorts of actionable topics that you can implement in your shop today. Alright, let’s get to the show.

Welcome to the Agency Management Institute community, where you’ll learn how to grow and scale your business, attract and retain the best talent, make more money, and keep more of the money you make. The Build a Better Agency Podcast, presented by a White Label IQ is packed with insights on how small to mid-size agencies are getting things done, bringing his 25 years of experience as both an agency owner and agency consultant. Please welcome your host, Drew McLellan.

Hey everybody. Drew McLellan here with another episode of Build a Better Agency. Glad that you were with us. This is gonna be a topic which I suspect you have some familiarity with, but I’m hoping we can inspire you to get even more familiar and delve a little deeper into the whole idea of video and how you can use video to grow your agency and how you can use video to help your clients grow their business. But before I tell you a little bit more about our guest and we jump into it, I do want to remind you that we have some great workshops coming up next month if you’re listening to this in real time. So if you’re listening to this in February of 24, we have two great workshops coming up in March.

Both of them are in Denver. So we have our, probably our most popular workshop called Money Matters March 12th and 13th in Denver for two days. All we do is talk about money. We talk about proposals, we talk about pricing, we talk about the financial metrics so that you can make objective educated data-driven decisions about your agency. We talk about every aspect of money, tax strategies, all kinds of things. We’re gonna have all kinds of samples of p and ls the way it should be set up, agency dashboards and metrics that matter to you that in a glance, within five minutes, you’ll know if your agency is healthy or not. So if you are feeling like sometimes you’re running the agency in the dark when it comes to pricing, proposals, money, can you afford to hire someone else?

All of those sort of things. This is the workshop for you again, March 12th and 13th in Denver. We also have our Advanced AE Bootcamp, March 21st and 22nd in Denver. So both of those can be viewed. Read more about or registered for on our website. Head over to agency management institute.com and then go to the How We Help section and you’ll see workshops and just go from there. So invite you to join us in Denver in March. If you’re a skier, probably the first one, March 12th and 13th, there’s still good skiing. Maybe the 21st and 22nd. And even if you’re not, the weather down in Denver when you’re not in the mountains will be beautiful.

So come see us. Alright. So our guest today is a subject matter expert named Violet Rainwater. And Violet has been using video to grow her own business for the last 14 or 15 years. And then really sharing it as a content creator for over a decade. And now actually does training with clients to teach them how to leverage video as a sales enablement tool. So I know a lot of you do not love sales, and I believe, and I know from our own experience that video is a really great tool to sell without feeling like you’re selling. So without any further ado, let’s get Violet on the show and get as much information out of her as we can in the next hour.

Okay, let’s do it. Hey Violet, welcome to the podcast. Thanks for joining us.

Hey Drew, thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Me too. This is a hot topic. So give everybody a little bit of a sense of your background and how you came to have this sort of opinion and knowledge Sure. And expertise and where you were before. All of that.

Yeah, yeah. Thank you. So I am the founder of The Rainmaker’s Way. It’s a sales training organization, and I do specialize in the financial service industry. Have worked quite a bit in the insurance space. Love insurance. Myself, I was a life insurance girl for a long time, and so that’s why I really fell in love with insurance. But I fell in love with sales at a very young age. It was really when I came to America from Russia during a time where it wasn’t cool to be Russian. Hmm. And I had to start selling myself. And I just really fell in love with this whole concept of persuasion, the art of persuasion. And so I knew I was going into sales straight outta college, and my career was in the financial service industry, then insurance.

And about eight years ago, I started my own sales training and development company. Just decided it was time to put everything I learned, you know, into action and teach others how to do the same. And so the cool thing is, is I’ve been around long enough to see innovation at its finest. Like when I started in sales, I had a pager. You know, so there was no CRMs, there was no Yeah. Technology like there is today. And so I’ve been,

Your cell phone was in a bag.

Exactly. Exactly. I, I knew all every working payphone in my territory and had a bunch of orders on me. You know, that’s how we did business. But what I’ve seen, especially in the last, I would say like decade seven years, is just the power of video and what’s happened. And I’ve been doing video now for 14 years. I’ve been a content creator for 10. And it’s a passion of mine. And I love teaching others how to use video. ’cause it’s transformational for business. If you’re not using video and you start, this is gonna be your best year yet, that’s for sure. Yeah.

Yeah. So we’re gonna spend most of the hour together talking about video. But I’m curious, what was it about sales that you fell in love with? ’cause most people hate it.

Yeah. You know, it honestly, Drew, I, the minute I got into it, I was a natural and I loved it. And even my first year as a financial advisor, I literally knew nothing. I fought a bond with something that you get on your bar mitzvah that matures in seven years. And I still finished first in the company in just nine months of production. Wow. And I think when you get the taste of what’s possible in sales, the upside, you know, here I was 25, making a really nice six-figure income, it just takes over you. You know? Like, I, I couldn’t wait. I loved strategy, I loved systems, I love processes. I love the art of sales. ’cause there’s the art and the science.

Yeah. And so, once you understand it, I think sales is the best thing about business. Yeah.

It’s fascinating. So for most people listening, they today, they don’t feel that way. Right? Right. They, they avoid sales. It’s yucky. Yeah. And, and I think one of the things that’s powerful about video is that it doesn’t feel like sales. And when you do it right, and well, it isn’t the, I think people don’t like sales because it feels


Smarmy, right? Yeah. And, and you don’t feel good about doing it. You feel like you’re trying to trick someone or con someone, or whatever words you use, as opposed to understanding that true sales is actually about just understanding your audience and trying to be helpful.


And that when you’re helpful consistently enough, then sooner or later a subset of those people that you help raises their hand and says, I actually wanna give you some money. Yeah. And you have to, all you have to do is go, oh, all right. I mean, that’s really then the sales process. Right?

Yeah. You’re just sharing knowledge. That’s all.

Right. So, tangential to this conversation. So a couple years ago, co-author and I wrote a book called Sell with Authority, which is all about this idea of the new way of selling is about being helpful and about being a thought leader and an authority, and really just leaning into that authority and then just generously and consistently sharing everything, you know.


And I think you and I will agree, and then we’ll, we’ll get into the specifics, but I think you and I will, will agree that video is an amazing medium to teach from because it’s so interactive. Yeah. It’s so intimate in a lot of ways. And what I love about it is it gives someone a sense of who you are Yeah. And how you are long before they ever interact with you in real time.

Absolutely. Absolutely. I’ve had people tell me they feel like they already know me. Sure. Because they’ve seen me so much, you know, on video. And, and I think with video it’s very like more intimate, you know? Yeah. So it deepens the connection. Yep. And sales people say it’s a numbers game, and I disagree. I think it’s all about connection. Yeah. You can connect deeply with five people, all five that you reached out to and close five, or you could dial for dollars a hundred times and get nowhere, because it’s not the numbers, it’s how well you’re able to connect with them, how well you’re able to get them and understand them and wanna help them. Yeah. To your point, you’re filling a gap, you know?

I think just most people see it from a perspective that’s not really serving them or their business.

Yeah, I think so too. So let’s talk about, so you said you’ve been producing video for 14 or 15 years. Yeah. And then you said you’ve been a content creator for 10. Yeah. So, for in your head, what’s the difference between making video and being a content creator? How do, how do you differentiate though that timeframe for you?

Yeah. Well, making video, originally it was just making video for, you know, 10 years ago or 15 years ago. We didn’t have the social media that we have today. It was even on LinkedIn. I don’t even think you could do videos back then. Yeah. So I started dabbling, I started learning how to do video. I actually just found my first little camera. It was this flip camera. Yeah. Because even cell phones couldn’t do it. Right. Yeah. And so that’s where I started. But when I became a content creator, and I really started on LinkedIn, I just, I made five videos a week every single week. And that’s how I really grew my audience. And so, for me, it’s about continuing to show up and be that thought leader to your point.

And you know, for me, my favorite form of being creative is on video. Yeah. So that’s what a content creator is to me.

So what do you say to people who are like, no, I have a face for radio. I don’t want to be on video. And I, and I will admit that when I was telling you before we hit the record button, that I’ve been producing a weekly video for, I don’t know, five, six, maybe seven years now. Yeah. And, and I went into it kind of kicking and screaming. I was like, you know what? I, I am not model pretty. I am not, you know, I, I What do you mean Drew?

You’re very handsome.

Oh, you’re my favorite podcast guest ever. Oh, thank you. But I was like, I was very anxious about it. And, and I had to, I had to kind of trick myself into doing it. And yeah, I’ve told this story before, but I, I had to pretend in my head that I was talking to a very specific agency owner. I identified a person Yeah. That I thought would be receiving of my message and wouldn’t judge the delivery and all of that to even have the courage to step in front of the camera. And I speak on stages, and I’ve been speaking for most of my career. So there was something about it being captured on video Yeah. That initially made me super uncomfortable.

So how did you, well, was that ever an issue for you? Oh, yeah.

Yeah. I

Mean, and how did you get over it and how do you coach your clients to get over it?

Yeah. And that’s a great question. And I will say, I get resistance all the time. Like, that’s normal. And I even say, you know, when I come in to teach this to groups, you guys are gonna hate me before you love me. And that’s okay. Like, I’m, I’ve got fixed skin. I’m up for the challenge. Because for myself, same thing. Like, first of all, I was a perfectionist. So I would make, like, instead of just going with my first video, I’d make it 20 times. And I didn’t like it, and it wasn’t perfect. And I remember the first time I posted on LinkedIn, I was physically shaking. Like I was so nervous, I was physically sick. Like, that’s how nervous I was. And I, I wouldn’t say everyone’s like that, but my point is, is that’s how you begin.

You begin in fear, but you continue to show up. You don’t have to dive in fully like I did. You can start creating video, like a proposal, video, share your screen. You know, there’s a lot of different ways that you can use until you get to your face. But this is a skillset that is the future. It’s gonna be needed in the future. And so I would just wanna really encourage people like, yes, it, it, you’re gonna be uncomfortable, and yes, you’re gonna be nervous, but the more that you show up and the more that you do it, it’s like a muscle. And the more you practice, the easier it gets. Now, I don’t get nervous at all, at all when I post a video and put it out there.

Yeah. I, like, I, if I go back and watch some of the earlier earliest of my videos, I’m like, Hmm, that is, that is not my best work. But honestly, people still watch them. They still use them, they still find them valuable. And I sort, I sort of had to get over the idea that it was a performance. Right. And, and as soon as I wrap my head around, ’cause again, I also teach live workshops and, and so I’m not uncomfortable in front of people. It was just the video element. And, and I had to wrap my head around the fact that it doesn’t actually matter Yeah. What I look like, or if I stumble on a word. So I was like, you, I would shoot it like 80 times and finally I was like, you know what?

I’m shooting this three times. Yeah. Whichever one is the best of the three I’m using. Like, I would not, I now, today, I don’t give myself more than one or two takes. Yeah. And it’s like, if, if I stumble on a word or I catch myself, or I have to stop and finish a sentence differently, it just sounds like I’m talking and it’s okay. Yeah.

It makes you human. Right. You know, you were talking about why you love video, and one of the things that really, I feel right now in the world of AI, where you never know if what you’re reading right. Is really, truly someone’s work or not video’s really the only way to show up authentically. Yeah. You know, and so that’s another huge reason, and that’s what, that’s why people buy from you, is because you are showing up authentic and they’re getting to know you. And regardless of how bad you think, you know, like I look at my old videos and I’m, I’m like, embarrassed. Yeah. But you know what, at least I showed up and I got better. Like, I’m polished today because of showing up 14 years ago and just starting Yep.

Just Deciding to start. That’s what got me here.

So for the folks who are listening and going, yep, that’s me. I can’t do it. Yeah. How do you, how do you help your clients ease into starting to produce videos?

Yeah. I feel the biggest resistance is the how to where, how do I do this? How do I begin? It seems too complicated. And then what do I say, what do I do? And so this is where I really feel knowledge is power. Hmm. You know, like, you don’t have to do this on your own. Right. Like, I would definitely work with someone to help you get started because there’s so much technology that if you don’t know it, I remember spending eight hours trying to edit one video. Yeah. Like one little piece of a video Yeah. That I had somebody that could just be like, no, here you go. You know? So through the rainmaker’s way, I’m always teaching them from A to Z, and then they have access to me for 30 days. Like, you need someone that you’re like, wait, I’m stuck.

What do I do? How do I do this? Right. Or, Hey, give me some feedback. So I would highly recom or even a friend, like, just find an accountability partner. You and another agency, you’re guys are gonna make video together and just, you know, really motivate one another and show up for one another. But I would say just don’t do it alone, because that’s the hardest part.

Yeah. And you know, the good news is for our listeners, they have all the tools. Yeah. They produce videos for clients. Yeah. Or, or they have a partner that produces video for, like, I can’t think of an agency that isn’t dabbling at, at the very least, in video on behalf of their clients. They may not be doing it for themselves. Right. But they, they do have the resources. And so if anybody could be good at this without a lot of, like, invest, as you said, you don’t have to have fancy equipment. You don’t have to have, well, they have a lot of that stuff. And so the only barrier to doing it is I think the person’s fear. Yeah. And, and a plan. So let’s, let’s talk a little bit about a plan.

So when you, let’s say somebody’s listening and saying, okay, I can get over myself. I’ll get on video, but I don’t know what to say.


Or I don’t know how long it should be, or I don’t know. I, I don’t, I don’t know what the steps are


What are the steps?

Yeah. And, and it really depends. It depends how you wanna start using video, right? Are, do you wanna start using it and create educational content and reels for social media? Or do you wanna start using it to work your book of business? And that I really, I can teach both, but what I think the biggest opportunities in your book of business, right? And so the important thing is to identify how are you going to use the video, right? So I’ll, I’ll give some examples. Let’s say you go to a networking group, or you just had a business meeting and you got somebody’s information and they’re like, yeah, let’s chat. Instead of getting back to the office and sending them that. It was so nice to meet you email that we’ve all got a million times.

Yep. Why don’t you just get on your phone, make a quick bit. Hey John, it was so great to meet you. I’m really excited to connect with you next week. Down below, you’re gonna see a link to my calendar. Go ahead and pick a time that works for you. And I look forward to our call you. It takes you one minute. You can upload it and then send it in an email format. The video platform that I use to make this happen is called dub. Some other ones that people might know about is BombBomb. So there is a, there is a, a tool to use. It’s not just like, Hey, let’s make a video and put it on YouTube. You can’t do that. I mean, that, that is starting on video. But to be most efficient, I love these platforms because they also offer tracking and metrics.

So not only are you able to make a video and house it in these platforms, you’re able to see who opened it, how long they watched it, where they fell off, and you’re able to structure it so they can book a time with you or download a brochure or watch another video. Yeah. So there’s the technology today when it comes to video and driving sales, I believe that video is the ultimate sales enablement tool when you use these platforms to really give the consumer, take them on a journey. You know, like one video is more intimate, you talking to them like something direct to them. And then maybe there’s a marketing video that follows after.

So I would say the steps are, let’s identify the five ways we’re going to use video in, in your agency to start. So one could be that follow up after a meeting,

That very personalized one-to-one video. Yes. Okay. So that’s option one.

That’s option one. Another option is, hey, it’s time for that annual review. Like instead of having your team call, hey, it’s time to schedule that annual review. Why not make one video and send it to everyone who is in need of a annual review or biannual re