Episode 387

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There’s no denying that when the pandemic hit, the workforce changed forever. We experienced some of the most rapid shifts in our economy and lifestyles this century, and we still feel its effects today.

Most notably, our work standards morphed along with how we view leadership and hustle culture. The old ways of working longer hours and devoting yourself to a company to climb your way to the top have dissolved.

This week, Heather McGowan is joining me to talk about the major shifts we’ve recently experienced and will shed some light on how agency owners can adapt to better fit the new roles employees expect leadership to fill. She’ll talk about “The Five Greats” that led to these intense shifts, and four leadership adaptations agency owners should consider making to support the new-age workforce best.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How Heather accidentally became an expert in human work culture
  • “The Five Greats” that collided all at once to shift the workforce
  • How to change the mindset around hustle culture and where it still has its place
  • Four shifts an agency owner needs to make to align themselves with the current workforce
  • Moving from competition to collaboration to motivate your workforce
  • Polling your workers and being open to feedback as you make changes
  • How agencies are successfully building a remote culture
  • What are the new standards of effective leadership today?

“Not only are you building the performance of your organization, but you also have an impact on today's society, and you may be impacting the next generation of workforce.” @heathermcgowan Click To Tweet
“Rather than pitting people against each other, you make it really clear you're supportive of what happens in the team as opposed to individuals against each other.” @heathermcgowan Click To Tweet
“This is our opportunity to humanize the work and make it more of something we all want to engage in so we have higher levels of engagement and happiness.” @heathermcgowan Click To Tweet
“You have to create effectiveness through inspiration, which means caring about your people, loving your people, and creating belonging.” @heathermcgowan Click To Tweet
“The workforce is empowered because of five “Greats”: The Great Resignation, The Great Retirement, The Great Reshuffle, The Great Refusal, and The Great Relocation, and it is all happening at once.” @heathermcgowan Click To Tweet

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