Episode 398

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Marketing today is not absolute. It’s experimental, iterative, and ever-changing. And with that comes many challenges that we have to overcome and adapt to as agency leaders. One of those challenges is offering data analytics services to our clients.

Many of us got into the industry, hoping to avoid doing math. And yet, here we are again, going over another way tech and mathematics are imperative in our industry. While it might be exhausting or frustrating, a subject matter expert is joining us to help make it a little less confusing for everyone.

This week, I’m interviewing Jim Sterne, a data analytics expert who knows so much about the industry. Jim started the Data Analytics Association and wrote 12 books on the topic.

In this episode, he’ll share the importance of offering data analytics expertise to better serve clients, how to hire either in-house or third-party data analysts, and tons of resources on where to look for advice and find other experts to help get you started.

Those who adapt survive. Don’t wait on this one, and don’t try to be a hero. The more we can help our clients reach their goals, the better off we are as an industry. Get help, look to the experts, and start offering your clients data analytics services as soon as possible.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Why data analytics is more about the questions you ask rather than the answers you get
  • The biggest hurdles agencies face when presenting data to clients
  • Should you go third-party or stay in-house?
  • What to look for when hiring a third-party data analytics expert
  • How to make data useful to the client
  • Data reports vs. data alerts, which is better?
  • How to become a data storyteller
  • Helping clients embrace experimental results over having absolute certainty
  • The best resources for wannabe data analysts or those just starting out

“I think the most important thing is to stop looking at the data as to where the answers are. What matters is the questions.” @jimsterne Click To Tweet
“The longer the analytics agency is working with a specific client, the more valuable their recommendations are because they understand the client's business, politics, and culture.” @jimsterne Click To Tweet
“It's the anomalies that matter.” @jimsterne Click To Tweet
“Data collection, data cleaning, data crunching, data interpretation, and interpretation delivery are very different skills.” @jimsterne Click To Tweet
“What does your client want? What is important to your client? Now we become the data storyteller, and instead of giving them a dashboard or raw numbers, we tell them a story.” @jimsterne Click To Tweet

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