Episode 412

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When you think about how you do business, do you find that you’re purposefully taking longer to respond to inquiries because you don’t want a client to believe you’re not busy enough? Or do you hesitate to answer right away because you don’t want that to be their new expectation of your agency?

Unfortunately, this is where many agencies get it backward. Clients already expect quick responses, regardless of how fast or slow you were the first time. In fact, speed is one of the most important factors for client happiness, and it will only go higher on the priority list from here.

Jay Baer has done intense research on this very topic and is sharing his findings with us. As many of you know, he’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to agency trends. And he’s passionately confident that agencies need to get faster so they’re first in line when a prospect calls them up. Because if he’s learned anything, it’s that speed will beat out price almost every time.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The generational differences in patience in business settings
  • Speed is the most important factor for client happiness
  • The psychology of speed and how it equates to caring
  • Closing uncertainty gaps with clients
  • Creating a “fast pass” lane for impatient clients
  • The “Got it Audit” for the customer journey
  • When fast is too fast
  • The hierarchy of when speed is most important for client satisfaction
  • Where we get speed wrong in business decisions

“In the research, however, we found that the youngest consumers, Gen Z, are the most patient generation. They're willing to give businesses an extra amount of time to get back to them with a response, a quote, or a question answered.” - Jay Baer Click To Tweet
“Two out of three customers say that speed is as important as price. And 50%, half of all customers will hire whoever contacts them back first, regardless of price.” - Jay Baer Click To Tweet
“It's a psychology issue. It's because now we're in an environment where we interpret speed as caring. It's not necessarily true, but that's how we interpret it.” - Jay Baer Click To Tweet
“When you close uncertainty gaps, and you have fewer information asymmetries, it certainly raises customer confidence. And most importantly, it dramatically increases their perception of your responsiveness.” - Jay Baer Click To Tweet
“You've got a two-year window right now to outperform competitors based on responsiveness until they also figure it out. But you have to start now.” - Jay Baer Click To Tweet

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