Agency leaders and owners are voracious learners. In our AMI peer groups, we share many best practices — including resources (like books) that we find particularly valuable.

I’ve put together a list of the books my AMI agency owners recommended in 2018 for you to download.

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Hey everybody, Drew McLellan here from Agency Management Institute. This week I am coming to you from the Grand Floridian Resort in Orlando, Florida, where we are about to kick off two weeks of workshops built specifically for agency leaders and owners. You know, one of the things that I find most challenging about our industry, but also honestly one of the most interesting and rewarding parts of it, is that no matter how good you are, how long you've been doing it, how smart you are, we have to keep learning something new, because it keeps changing. Fortunately, agency owners and leaders are voracious learners, so whether it's workshops, it's a video series, it's online courses or it's books, we are constantly feeding ourselves with new information and new ideas to make our agencies better, to make ourselves smarter, and to help our clients. And I see that every day in the agency owners that I work with, and in the folks that show up at workshops like we have. So one of the things that we do inside the AMI peer groups is that we share a lot of best practices. And one of the best practices we share is what's been valuable to us from a learning perspective. In many cases what gets shared is a book. So I've put together a list of all of the books that AMI agency owners have been recommending throughout 2018. And I want to make it available to you. So if you want to kick off 2019 in a big bad way, and you want to learn something new, you want to challenge your team to learn something new, and you want to keep growing yourself and the business, I've got the starter list. Just go to, and you can download that list, head over to Amazon, and get started. Talk to you next week!

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