Running an agency is a full contact sport and you need to keep your eye on the ball. I’ve watched some agencies struggle because their leader has been distracted.

Beware — there’s definitely a price to be paid, even if the distraction is a sweet one.

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Hey everybody, Drew McLellan from Agency Management Institute. Coming to you this week from Sanibel Island, Florida. I have a cautionary tale for you this week. I want you to think about it, and I want you to reflect on whether or not this is something that is at risk at your shop. Running an agency is a full contact sport. It requires our heart, our mind, our soul more often than we would like to admit, 24/7. And one of the things I have seen lately in a couple agencies that are struggling is that the owner took their eye off the ball. So either they got a side hobby or side hustle something that caught their interest. Or something was happening inside their personal life either something that was challenging or in some cases, a new romance. Something like that. But whatever reason, the agency owner took their eye off the ball. They were thinking about something other than their agency. And without exception, I have seen that agency struggle. You have to remember as the agency owner you are the true north. You are the one that sets the direction. And when you are not keeping your eye on the ball when you are not the one driving towards the goal then it's very difficult for anyone else on your team to pick up that slack. So understand that this is a tough business no matter what. But it is a really tough business if you are not in it 100%. So if you find yourself being distracted or you find yourself just being so worn out that you need a break, take the break. Replenish yourself. Fill up your bucket. And come on back in 110%. Because your employees need you at that level if you're going to drive the agency forward. There is no substitute for your leadership. I don't care how great your team is. I don't care how diverse your team is. I don't care how awesome your clients are. Every agency needs to be driven by the agency owner and the agency leader. So try to keep your eye on the ball. Try to minimize distractions. And if you need to attend to something else then tend to it 100%, take care of it. And then come on back into the game. Cause the team's waiting for you, I promise. I'll talk to you next week.

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