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Hey everybody, Drew McLellan here from Agency Management Institute, this week coming to you from Orlando, Florida. A little rainy today but I'm in shorts and it's warm. So, here's one of the topics that I get asked about almost every day. An agency owner will say to me, "What is the best project management tool?" And here's what I say to them and what I will say to you: It is not the tool; it is the rule. Many of the project management tools out there are very good. They're very robust. They're built specifically for agencies. They'll do what you need them to do if you create rules and you actually follow them. What happens is, in many agencies, have some agencies that literally will change project management tools every year or two because they think the tool is broken, but what's actually broken are the processes that they use to use the tool, to implement the tool inside their agency. It is all about the rule, not the tool. If everybody uses the tool properly, if there are clearly defined processes and guidelines on how to use the tool, if no one, including the agency owner, is allowed to end-run around the tool, then the tool works. And then project management can be a powerful part of your agency in making sure you stay on time and on budget, that no balls get dropped, and that everybody, clients and team, knows what's going on and are happy with the results. But when you have a bunch of rogue agents inside your agency and oftentimes, the agency owner is the one leading that parade, who is either not using the tool at all, or using it in their own way, or not following the guidelines, that's when you get into trouble. That's when no project management tool is going to make you happy. No project management tool is going to help you accomplish the things you're trying to accomplish with it. So, remember, when it comes to project management software, it is not the tool; it's the rule. You need to set them. You need to follow them. All right? All right. It's a little breezy here so sorry about that. I'll see you next week.

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