Tis the season for setting goals and making resolutions. I have a twist on the age-old habit that I’d like to suggest.

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Hey everybody. Drew McLellan here from Agency Management Institute, this week coming to you from New York City. You know, the turn of the year is a time when many people get into the tradition or the ritual of setting intentions or resolutions. That's not really my thing. I think we can set intentions or goals any time of year. But there's nothing wrong with using this moment on the calendar to really reflect on what we want the coming year to be. And I believe the way we start that reflection is thinking about the year that we just came out of. So in 2022, what really worked for you and your agency, and where do you need to double down and spend more time and attention and effort, in 2022, what didn't serve you? What was an obstacle? What was a challenge? And how can you circumvent that obstacle or challenge in 2023? And what did you intend to get to in 2022 that you just didn't, that you know would change the trajectory of your business that it would make a big difference in how you show up to employees, to clients, to the world? So what do you need to do more of? What do you need to avoid or do less of? And what do you need to get to that you didn't get to last year? I think that's a great way to sort of set the course for 2023. So take some time over the next week over a scotch, a cup of tea, in front of a fireplace, whatever, whatever generates that sort of contemplative thinking mode for you, and decide where you want to go from 2022 to 2023, for you, and decide where you want to go from 2022 to 2023, and what's going to serve you in your agency best, okay? I'd love to hear what you decide. And you know what? I'll talk to you next week.

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